BASED Father STRIPPED Of Concealed Carry Permit After Defending His Family From ARMED Robbers!


A Los Angeles father, seeking protection for his family and luxury home, took drastic measures by pulling out a gun when he encountered masked intruders attempting to break into his property. The incident led to a confrontation between the father and the assailants, who seemingly retreated after realizing they were not going unchallenged. However, in the aftermath of this high-tension event, it appears that local authorities have revoked the father’s firearm permit, leaving him potentially vulnerable and without adequate means to protect his family from potential future threats. This decision has sparked a debate about homeowners’ rights to defend their property and loved ones in such situations, with some arguing for more leeway given to individuals facing real-life dangers, while others maintain that firearm regulations need strict enforcement regardless of the circumstances.

The story raises questions about the balance between public safety and personal security, particularly when it comes to handling firearms in high-tension situations. As homeowners face a myriad of potential threats – from burglaries to more violent intrusions – it remains essential to explore ways to ensure their safety without compromising public safety. Some argue that the revocation of this Los Angeles father’s firearm permit could set a dangerous precedent, potentially leaving other homeowners vulnerable in similar circumstances. Others maintain that the firearm regulations should be strictly enforced regardless of the perceived threat level or the actions taken by an individual to protect their property and family.


If Americans just keep accepting this behavior from the government it’s only getting worse!

Step 1. Fail to prosecute criminals.
Step 2. Release criminals on no-cash bail
Step 3. Ban scray “assault rifles”
Step 4. Deny law-abiding citizens the basic ability to defend themselves against said criminals.
Step 5. Remove the right to defend oneself
Step 6. Prosecute people fending for their families’ lives.
Step 7….????
We are on our own here folks! The government isn’t there to help us! We are just political fodder. (At least in CA)


  1. So… do what the f’in thugs do and get away with after we apologize to their worthless asses. Just buy several guns off the street, shoot on sight, and F the government.. they are against us anyway, want our property,our rights , out media and our kids, so why cooperate with them… All the do is F us over…. How much more does it take to wake the hell up? We need to start finding places to live that are safe and then cede from the “union” . WHAT frigging union…? It doesn’t exist anymore.

  2. Ok, so set up and electric fence around the property, place spikes in the ground, perimeter, Sirens and lights that are motion activated, and then buy a machete and see what happens. The government has failed to protect our citizens and our country, so it is time for a change. Look to history for the answer. It happened in Russia, France, other countries that needed their freedom and fairness returned to the people, It was called the Bolsheviks, who got rid of the czar, in France the poor got rid of the King and became a republic. How much more can we, or will we tolerate?


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