Scott Ritter: US Military NOT PREPARED For Poland To Enter Ukraine Russia War


The US military not prepared to defend Poland if they enter the Russia Ukraine war says Scott Ritter. Stephen Gardner and Scott Ritter discuss how Belarus and Russia continue to provoke Poland which has the largest army and US military reinforcements in Europe right now. Poland is looking for an excuse to take over Western Ukraine and join the war. However, entering would provoke Articles 4 or 5 of NATO and the US is not prepared. NATO is running out of ammo.

Stephen Gardner discusses this in the YouTube video below:


as a Pole, it’s always one of the funniest things for me to listen to people seriously discussing the perceived urge for Poles to enter Western Ukraine lmao. it instantly makes me view people who are discussing such matters as ignorant, incompetent or just straight up liars. we’d sooner go to Mars thann to Western Ukraine, NO politician or ordinary person wants that, we have nothing to gain from acquaring any parts of Ukraine. it was amusing to watch Shoigu’s meeting with Russian generals who had to keep a straight face when Shoigu discussed the possibility of Poles entering Ukraine, it was like hearing Lukashenko defending the Russian invasion by saying that Ukrainians were about to attack Belarus. If any politician by any chance got mental and even SUGGESTED going to Western Ukraine it would be a political suicide, period.

The greatest trick that nations pull is to frame a war that they want as a defensive action .


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