Joy Behar Gets CAUGHT – ‘The View’ Host ENDED By Reality!



The view is just angry chicken heads screeching and yelling at each other about nonsense

The fact that the View is still on TV is absolutely insane


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  2. Nonsense, Joy Behar is as Fauci being the science, and Garland being the law! Reality is whatever Joy and the hags of the View says it is…. Right?

  3. I would have said that The View is nothing more than the Jerry Springer show except Jerry Springer had more class. This is trash at its trashiest.

  4. Can the show. I stopped watching it over 8 years ago. Woke, know it all attitude from pretty much everyone there. I just see clips on her when someone has made a_s of themselves which is frequent I guess seeing as there is always reports of arguments, up roars etc. Take it down.

  5. Joy should listen to recordings of herself, and that trash show she is on. She claims others have bias, but she herself has total bias. Not just Joy, but all the snakes that are on the trash show, “the View”. In case people don’t know, Joy is a Jew. She said so right on her show. She claims to be a European Jew. Most European Jews are Kazarian Jews that are Satanistic Jews. Look up Kazarian Jews on Google. Joy also uses adrenochrome and is involved in the child rituals deep down in the tunnels. The same goes for Whoopie. I don’t know about Sunny – yet. Joy and Whoopie need to be arrested by the Military and taken to Guam for tribunals. They will be, soon!

  6. I truly wish this disgusting show the View would be cancelled. Nothing more than a bunch of left hags bad mouthing President Trump and praising Biden. It’s very clear who they prefer to keep in office. What they don’t realize is they are being a doormat for this jackass and I truly hope they end up with nothing. It would serve them right to be destitute, then and only then will they realize just how heartless this scumbag Biden is. He is laughing his ass off at these people. Power, control and money, millions of money is what Biden and his family want. It’s never enough.

    • I cannot believe how you hit all the nails on the heads with this comment. I couldn’t agree with you more and would not watch 30 seconds of those idiots yelling at each other. I don’t know which one of them is the most vile but they all are. I honestly cannot believe this show is even on the air and makes me wonder what kind of people watch this trash. TRASH is all it is with them trying to one up each other. DISGUSTING!!!!!

  7. Couldnt believe they had on the ticker tape across the TV today I guess Obama is telling people to stick with Biden even tho he sucked at the debate last night. Gee I wonder whats in it for Obama for him to make a statement like that???I cant help but wonder if hes the one pulling all the strings for the Biden Administration. Some always say this is Obamas third term and going for his forth thats messed up if true!

    • Why do you think obama stayed in DC after he left office making him the first president to do that. The reason is that he is still running the show with soros (small letters by design) oprah, bill gates, all the hollyweirds, et al. I pray that people will get out and vote. My motto – IF YOU DON’T VOTE YOU CAN’T BITCH! biden could not turn around without them leading him. You have to wonder why Trump does not bring up the fact that biden showered with his daughter until she was 12. WHAT MAN DOES THAT UNLESS THEY ARE A PEDIPHILE? There is a reason they call him CREEP JOE!!!!


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