Ilhan Omar Admits She’s Confused by People Not Agreeing with Her on Israel


Dave Rubin, host of the popular talk show “The Rubin Report,” recently invited guests Ami Kozak and Meira Cowland to discuss a controversial comment made by Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar. Omar expressed her confusion as to why rabbis and faith leaders are not supporting her plan for an Israel ceasefire, raising concerns about religious biases and misunderstandings surrounding the issue.

During their conversation on The Rubin Report, Ami Kozak and Meira Cowland delved into various reasons behind this reluctance from faith leaders to back Omar’s proposal. They highlighted the complexity of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the longstanding relationships between Jewish communities and Israel, and religious interpretations that may influence their stance on the matter.

Kozak, a scholar in Middle Eastern studies, emphasized the historical context behind these decisions, stating that many rabbis and faith leaders are concerned about any potential ceasefire proposal’s impact on security within Israel. He also pointed out that certain religious groups might be wary of aligning themselves with Omar due to her controversial statements and positions on other issues.


On behalf of Canada, or at least the sane ones among us, deepest apologies to Israel for our impudent brat of a Prime Minister’s arrogance and complete misunderstanding of pretty much anything at all. He does not represent us. His party came in second by population.

I am Canadian and i can make a bet that if that was to happen in Canada, Trudeau would give us up. He would sacrifice his countrymen to make sure he lives.


  1. The reason Omar is so stupid that she can’t figure out how very few, if any, people agree with her on anything is because she has shit for brains and that’s why she’s always wearing a diaper on her head.

  2. Anyone who calls for a cease fire between Gaza and Israel is either Islamic or pro-Islamic who is dedicated to the destruction of Israel. The Muslims believe that there is only one war with Israel which started in 1948. And that one war will only end until the death of Israel is accomplished.
    This Hamas war has revealed how shockingly evil, cruel, and untrusting these Palestinians/Gazans/Muslims really are. They behead babies, burn children by setting tires on fire, attack defenseless men, women and children, and shoot entire defenseless families in their homes. They spend international monetary aid on weapons. They use pipes that were given to them for water and sewage–they use that for making rockets to fire at Israeli towns and villages. They store their weapons under hospitals; and they fire their weapons from playgrounds and schools. Ilhan, Rashida, and the Palestinian protestors and sympathizers are wholly and completely detestable.


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