Hecklers Disrupt Kamala Harris on ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ Then It Got Ugly



I’m glad Rubin called out Kimmel on contributing to the sh*tshow American culture has become.

America, you are only as strong as your weakest link. Take a good look at your current President and VP


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      • Well anything is better when kamala’s IQ is in negative range?? She is a typical Democrat!!
        Also remember Hillary said ” Democrat voters are basically STUPID and easily manipulated!”” And you sty supposed her and the communist Democrat party!! So what does say about you ??

    • Amen. We had 4 years of his ridicule being made fun of in any way possible. The same man that yelled grab them by the pussies, making fun of the disabled. How could I possibly want 4 more years of THAT? He has no respect for himself let alone any one else. I hate bullies and he is the largest one I have ever met.

    • Your in the 1% that has been completely brainwashed, you need to seek help immediately no one wants the incontinent fool that is starting wars all over the globe because of his complete incompetence and making our Country 3rd World, you need to seek help before it’s too late for all of us!!!

    • Trump is for America! The communist Democrat party HATES America! And the Democrat base is what the party calls ” the useful idiots” congrats!!

    • There is always someone that is completely brainwashed, I just don’t get how they can function on a daily basis!!!

  2. You get what you dish out and this administration has dished out alot. Kimmel not ready for prime time is another legal breeding ground for Liberal talk. Even though I believe that the ladies cause which she probably knows nothing about, it was just her chance to be a radical is going to happen more and more as bribden has allowed everyone in the world to invade our country. More of this is going to happen as they organize. Rome was destroyed when they opened the gates around the city and allowed everyone to enter, no one learns from history they try just to dump it/

  3. Do any of the liberals that think Kamala is great remember she made her bones flat backing a 60-year-old married man to get her up on the ladder. She no more than that ghetto trash Bowman. Nobody wants to ask her about that.

  4. What b.s. Israel was attacked on 10/7 by Hamas coming out of Palestine. They have a right to protect themselves AND HAVE BEEN RECEIVING WHAT THEY DESERVE. Every time Palestine blames it on Hamas, then get off your butts and fight back. Freedom is not Free. AMERICA AND ISRAEL have paid dearly with their lives to protect their countries. Then Palestine calls for a time out so Hamas can regroup. Every American knows this – it’s gone on for years. GET A LIFE.


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