Must See: Citizens Step in to Save Cop Under Attack…

Must See: Citizens Step in to Save Cop Under Attack...
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The Charlie Kirk Show – Citizens Step in to Save Cop Under Attack

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Notice how many people had to help get one man down so the officer could cuff him? That should tell you that the police have to make split second decisions when dealing with some people. If those nice folks hadn’t stepped in and helped, that could have ended bad.

This is a nice light of hope. The real America a lot of us didn’t see while locked inside with fake news 24/7.


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AJ Nappi

This is how society is suppose to work. Now, police officers should realize they need the public. But the officers keep covering for officers that murder citizens. Article about, 13 year old boy shot twice in the back 6 years ago. Called it suicide? City just settled cars for 1.2 million. But Ino charges prosecuted against the officer. And it was caught on camera and the court has kept the video sealed all this time. You really trust judge’s too.


Note how many of those helping the cops were black people. This is why the democrats are loosing the Nyack vote. Black people want law and order


Got into a situation when I was a deputy and a witness ran to my car and told dispatch to send help! Saved one of us as I thought i might have to wrestle away and use deadly force. Thank the citizens!