Fani Willis PANIC’S as Georgia EVIDENCE upends EVERYTHING!!



I am just grateful that Trump and all of us who voted for him are vindicated.

It is sickening what the insane democrats have done to President Trump and his family. It is sickening!


  1. I go back to Obama’s speech about having a figurehead with earbuds to act like a puppet so he could have a third term.

  2. This interview pointed out the weakness of the Republican party. They should have been working relentlessly to prevent the obvious liberal plan to cheat us out of our elections. Now its too late and I’m not sure a massive conservative vote will win the day. So goes our country.

  3. People need to understand that government is for bigger government, and all the courts alphabet soup agencies will do everything in their power to cheat the citizens as they steal evermore of your wealth for the party the promises to feed the government…. Democrats, and that includes to steal and cheat in the elections.

  4. We need a revolution and round up the crooked dems and lock them out and take their unlawful monies given them by Soros and commie countries. Try them for treason, kick illegals out, generate our own oil and gas and return America.

    • How many times have seen foreign countries leaders being taken out of office by the people who want freedom and democracy. I want to see that happen here, if you lie cheat and steal your way into office, we the people need to stop being so damned passive and take action.

  5. If the majority of voters vote TRUMP and very few go do Biden then if more people vote then are alive we then have proof of fraud and that is what needs to occur and more people will vote this time then in 2020 so it will be far harder to committ fraud this time that is what is scaring the demonrats I hate this spell checker it keeps rewriting my words

  6. It is past time for true villains to be locked up

    Shame on the evil people trying to blame President Trump


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