BREAKING! Israeli troops RAID Gaza’s largest hospital, U.S. SILENT as water cut off | Redacted News



Many thanks for your absolutely phantastic work in debunking the mainstream lies

This is disgusting there are infants in that hospital dying all the POLITICANS have blood on their hands how is this ok ✝️


  1. I personally feel every University, College, & High School in America that has allowed Instructors and students demonstrate antisemitisim should immediately be sent to their country of origin and dismissed from teaching or attending the schools at all. The heads of these intitutional Educational facilities should immediately be forced to resign or be fired immediately!

  2. Wouldn’t it be nice if the American Jewish population finally wake up and become a Conservative that actually supports Israel and the people of the Jewish Faith including the Christians in America.

  3. Many Republican in Congress do not do their job, including the RHINOS. All of them need to be replaced with someone that will actually perform their job that they were hired to perform instead of just talking about the issues. Actions speak louder than words! Every RHINO needs to be replaced immediately.

  4. I can remember in Jr. High (now it’s called middle school) and my high school history class studying about the Holocaust. We read the Dairy of Anne Frank and saw pictures and movies the Nazis made about their mass genocide in the concentration camps. Even the WW2 series called World at War had a whole episode on the concentration camps. Eisenhauer demanded the press take pictures of these camps when liberated because he thought no one would believe such horror on just word alone. It’s said that George S. Patton even wept when he saw the camps. And yet, even to this day we have people who see nothing wrong with what happened to Jews and even deny the Holocaust even happened despite the overwhelming evidence that it did. I had a friend who saw visited one of those camps when he was station in Germany in the late 1970s while in the Army. And yet, the worthless garbage that pretends to be human beings, like BLM/Antifa, KKK, Neo Nazis, and other terrorist groups, still say it never happened. It’s amazing how these same people will accuse conservatives of being Nazis and completely deny reality.


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