Biden HUMILIATED on Stage as Trump Support SKYROCKETS!!!



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Biden may be worse than he was yesterday,
but he is better than he will be tomorrow. FJB! Trump 2024!


  1. Why did we the people pay for Jillbillie’s trip back to Wilmington to watch and sit behind Joe’s son, who is 54 in court? Then she turned around and flew back to Paris. I’ve flown from Philly to Paris a couple times for around $1200 (round-trip). But we were flying her, “First Class”, and at a luxurious price of $345,000! Why was this so important? And why did she return to Paris to meet with Joe? “Oh” Little Napoleon, “Macron” was having a State Dinner after the Normandy Anniversary. So for an aperitif of Ricard, Pattie de Duck Liver, Filet Mignon and Crème Brûlée we paid $345,000 and didn’t get a taste of Dom Perignon! This is BS!

    Bidens are milking us for every dollar thy can get away with.
    WAKE UP AMERICA!!!! It’s crap like this that should turn your
    stomach!!!! VOTE THEM OUT PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    COME ON MAN !!!!!!

  3. Skyrockets in flight. afternoon delight. trumps giving the dmeocrats a fright and the fun is out of sight.

    you have to love it when Americans wake up and decide enough of the bs.

    the democrat thought they had us on buffalo-ed. It turns out everyone was pretty aware and the the trials just put it over the top.

    now everyone wants the dmeocrats gone.

  4. How can anything Biden signs or agree to when he is not of sound mind? The poor man is sick, and his wife (Handlers) should be charged with elder abuse. We have no real USA president.

    • JM your right. Funny how all these liberal legal eagles allow this to go on. They must be living large on the backdoor money they get to keep their mouths shut. Just like doctors that pledge to do no harm but will disfigure your kid for the right price.

      • and they are willling to KILL innocent babies still in the mothers womb these so called mothers should die on the same table that they are murdering their innocent babies

  5. Why Jill did you support Hunter this way. He is your stepson and on his laptop from Hell he called you every name in the book and you still support him. In the upcoming debate if Joe says to Trump you are a convicted felon, if I were Trump I would say to Joe and you will be a convicted felon also, but with proof of your charges, not like mine that were Trumped up by Soros paid people. Remember Joe the judicial system has been defending you for from going to court, but this will not last forever

  6. Don’t be fooled Obama didn’t have to take Biden’s arm. He could have moved him without touching him. This and the debate was a soft coup against Biden thinking the debate would get him to step down. Oops…they were fooled, Biden wasn’t having it.

  7. When it became evident that my aging parents could no longer be allowed to drive a car, we did not leave that decision up to them. Someone of sound mind has to take control and make proper decisions. The stakes are infinitely higher with the current leadership situation in DC. There are mechanisms to resolve the issue, but no one seems willing or brave enough to invoke them.


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