You won’t believe your ears..



AOC needs to go to Chicago and tell these concerned citizens why they are repeating white supremist talking points.

I love it when democrats reiterate the exact same thing republicans tried to warn them about


  1. People I know who are Left wing ask me if I watch Fox news. They are so anti-conservative, or more accurately, anti-Trump. They have no concept that one can have all the conservative values and still not be totally a Trumpster. He got in his own way with his mouth and it didn’t serve him well. OR US…. They absolutely refuse to watch even one program. Its sort of like a bimbo who is fully aware that her hubby is a cheating pig, but if she acknowledges that, she , if she has self worth or respect, would have to act on it, so it is safer, easier and self -advantageous to pretend to be in the dark and ultimately scream “victim” or outrage because of HIS behavior, even though she KNEW, when the truth comes to light… Cause and effect, baby, Cause and effect. The Dems are now suffering their effect of the “head in the sand” syndrome. Play stupid, see only one side and then bitch their brains out because they had NO part in it?? Give me a break. A victim USUALLY has something to do with their situation, even if its only a bad decision, stupidity, naivety, carelessness or choosing to NOT deal with a bad situation. Not saying a huge part, or playing blame the victim, but……they had to be there in the first place to become a victim. Very seldom can they blame someone else…. Sort of like those who drop over from Fentanyl..Who sought the drugs out, paid for them, who put it in their mouths? The dealer? HELL NO… The moron who made the decision to swallow poison, even if they had no idea it was deadly, they STILL voluntarily took the risk, knowing it could be tainted, and then THEY become a victim.. NO they volunteered…!! Same with guns. I’ve had guns from age 6… It is my choice to shoot or not shoot. So far, haven’t felt that threatened.. MY CHOICE. Not the gun’s. Society is rotting from within thanks to the Left and their blatant permissiveness, Anyone who is for open homosexuality, drug abuse, porn, child abuse has to be “Liberal” in order to validate their sick lifestyle. They have no vision to see the other side, they are so buried in their perversions and self indulgence. NO empathy, sympathy unless it can be used to further their sick agendas .

  2. Markey, u sure said alot there.Love him,or hate him,DJT is the only one that can save this country,from what this traitor,joe has done to our country.He just isn’t mentally unfit for the job,hidenbiden,is arrogant, incompetent,narcistic,disgraced,failure.A total trainwreck,from afghanistan on, to the present.He has no idea what he is doing,or fact he is a danger to America.He needs to go.


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