You Won’t Believe What Twitter Did to BLOCK Elon Musk’s Takeover…

You Won't Believe What Twitter Did to BLOCK Elon Musk's Takeover...
Image from video below...

Fox Business – ‘The Claman Countdown’ anchor Liz Claman and FOX Business senior correspondent Charlie Gasparino react to the ‘stunning’ developments.

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A public company that embraces ideology over economics is not performing their fiduciary duty to share holders. Let the lawsuits fly.

If they refuse it, twitter stock will tank to 15% and Elon will buy the shares at lower prices and own more than 50% of twitter this is genius

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Jo Lilley

I like Elon Musk better and better every day. He has the Twitter board by the short and curlies. They’re going to flinch before he does.