UNDER INVESTIGATION: After Using the Word ‘Mother’…

Breastfeeding Association investigate counsellors for using term 'mother'?
Image from video below...

Sky News Australia – Reports in the Nine papers revealed the Australian Breastfeeding Association has investigated several volunteers for allegedly using words such as ‘mother’ and ‘women’ excessively.

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What an absolutely appalling way to treat people who are volunteering to help and advise new Mothers with Breast feeding. What the hell is wrong with organisations who go Woke to appease a small number of people ? Well done Jasmine for speaking out. We need to push back against this utter nonsense. Who would have thought in 2022 we would be fighting for the right to be called Woman or Mother etc 😡🇬🇧

Is that not the biggest waste of tax dollars. 2000+ years to establish the importance of a mother, and two years to destroy the title?

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