And Yet The Same Prosecutor Allows Violent Criminals And Murderers Walk Free….

I Am Scottish And Would Love To See Trump In Charge Of The USA #Trump2024


    • most of Trump supporters see what a fool and dishonest pervert he is. There will not be 73 million supporters. The smart ones know the mistake they made in 2016 and wont make that mistake again

  1. ” America is the greatest nation on earth.”

    I have always believed that!
    Now, not so much.
    Americans are letting America down with their voting habits. Therein lies the problem!
    They have a habit of voting for the same party even when the party has changed completely.
    I’m speaking of the DEMOCAT party! It no longer stands for what it used to, or what it claims to stand for. Wake up Americans and remember this…
    When America loses its place as NUMBER ONE there is no other nation to turn to! It will all be over!
    It’s probably already too late! The end, IS, in sight!
    We are falling out of favor with God!
    Anyone with spiritual eyes can see it happening.
    WAKE UP!

  2. I totally agree with Curt, America is changing and people don’t care. They can hate The Man but you can’t hate what he did for this country! He loves America! Period. Biden and his party have showed no love for America. Some Americans don’t realize what this is costing us and our children in the NEAR future. This is just a silly way for the democrats to get Trump out of running for President again. They have been trying for years, doesn’t that tell you something? America is full of hate, crime is up, and there are no repricussions. Kids are killing kids, gangs of kids are beating up kids. Theft is at an all time high. Never have I seen this country being torn apart as this. People are mean! I pray God does have a plan to help us, but he can’t do it alone. Maybe he wanted Trump in office to give him some relief of trying to fix us himself, after all he is one man, and this country is messed up. China, or Iraq or Russia or some other country who knows, is this who you want to control us?once it happens there is ongoing back, life as we know it is gone.I do not feel safe for my or my grandchildren’s future. All you grandparents looooooove your grandchildren. Think about America past,present and then the future. It sucks!

  3. The Dem party is the Anti-Christ ,
    Anti-guns, anti America,anti protest, anti free speech, anti parents rights, anti law and order, anti closed borders. Liers ,fornicators, theives,racist, and the list goes on . No this is not the Dem party of yesterday , It is the party of socialism , power and greed . Which they will destroy this nation and lead us to a war of total destruction .


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