This New Electric Car Has No Battery and Shakes Up the Entire Car Industry


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I used to work at a warehouse that had electric powered forklifts and when the battery was used up, we just swapped it out for a charged one at the battery room. The forklifts could literally be used around the clock with zero time used for recharging. I always thought this would be the way to go when it comes to electric cars too.

Battery replacement cost and charging time, 2 huge issues eliminated with this process, absolutely genius. But I would say by far, by far the biggest issue it solves is that people with apartments or renters can buy it. Not so with current electric cars. In most cases, you have to have a single-family home and certainly not be a renter.


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      • Oh Gee Firewagon that’s a no brainer. The electric car with no battery either has a big windmill on top, a solar panel on top, or a truck hauling a big battery and charger following it with wires running from the truck to the car. On a serious note, electric cars might be the thing of the future. But let it happen through competition and not cram it down our throats. That way people will be driving what the want instead of what’s forced on them. This communist – I call it Nazi government is methodically destroying everything we who belong in this country believe in.

  3. “EV with no battery” At best this is completely misleading, and at worse a LIE! What part of “swapping out the ‘battery’ would NOT tell you there is a battery” do these people fail to grasp?

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  5. If I understand the situation, it is true that;
    If you can only afford the car, you get no battery.
    If you can afford to pay for the subscription, you are eligible to have a battery installed, removed and swapped when required, during the life of the “subscription”.

    For the “urbanites” it sounds like a reasonable deal.
    For rural people I do not think that companies will be in a hurry to put those battery swap stations in enough places to service a lot of customers. If I had to go east for 24 miles to reach a battery swap station before I started necessary driving, I might have to go ninety miles to take care of an issue, I will have already driven 114 miles and I will have that amount doubled to 228 miles for the round trip That will be a “no-go” for the short mileage car.
    Gasoline is available everywhere. It is powerful enough for my needs. What would the battery power requirement be if I had to move close to 1500 (or more) pounds using a F-350 (or higher weight capacity power)? Rural, long distance and work capacity needs will certainly not fit the new (light weight) car’s capabilities. The battery swap cars will be ideal for those metro short trips (until battery thieves devise a quick way to steal all of the batteries and reset battery identities).

  6. What so many forget is all our cars already have a battery. It is kept charged by the moving parts of our motors to keep this simple. Moving things like turbos in Dams, etc produce electricity so something that moves in our cars can be used to produce electricity as our existing battery is kept charged by pistons moving up and down.
    What is not being used today to create electricity from their friction? Our 4 wheels that spin faster while driving than big turbines, fans, and would produce electricity to never need charging at any recharging station for a cost.
    It works for our existing battery and would do the same for the whole car.

  7. Someone needs to make jumper cables for these battery cars so when they run our of electricity a gas burner can stop and plug into it from its under the hood battery enough to get it home.


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