This Little Boy’s Question Will Leave You Speechless!!!

This 11-Year-Old's Question Will Leave You SPEECHLESS...
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What an intelligent child!! His parents should be proud!!!

Right off the bat, you can tell this 11 year old young man is being raised the RIGHT way!!! Christianity, Conservatively and traditionally!! I’m sooo glad he’s following Charlie Kirk…God Bless this young man and God Bless Charlie Kirk! 🙏🏻🇺🇸❤️

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While I agree, in part, I have found that asking leading questions isn’t as fruitful as one might believe, even though it should be. I feel this is basically because most people today won’t honestly answer but will segway into another sub-topic to avoid answering and hope to sway you towards their line of thinking.

I feel, at the basics, they do this because they don’t have any real answers derived from their own independent thoughts, but will parrot the thoughts and ideas of other people they have alligned with for social reasons. “Everyone is doing it so it must be OK”, is their thinking.

Perhaps you will do much better in a one on one conversation with such a person, as it is more difficult for them to shift the narrative to something else. But you had better have ALL your facts in order and be able to present them with proof because, if there is one exception to the facts or you have to rely on the thoughts and thinking of others, you probably won’t accomplish the goal.

I believe it’s better for you to live your life correctly so that it may attract others to your line of thinking rather than try to present information cold to someone else who has a different mindset. In the Christian movement one reason most people fail to get the gospel message across is that they want to tell people what to believe, while they themselves “Live in the World” rather than conduct their own lives according to God’s will attracting others towards a Godly existance and adopting that lifestyle/mindset in favor of God. It doesn’t do you much good to piously pray to God if you behave like the Devil.

It’s also impossible to talk about a person’s ptoblems with racism or cultural hateif you have racist or cultural hate harbored in your own mind. The term is called hypocrite. People are very adept at detecting hypocricy. I should know because I’ve been a hypocrite more than I care to admit.