This Is A F*cking JOKE


s Masterclass launches President George W. Bush’s class on ‘tough calls and life lessons’, we ask, what are these life lessons, and what is the campaign to normalise war criminals really all about? #georgebush #president #masterclass #donaldtrump #barackobama


You’ve got it exactly right, Russell. Now imagine being an American being raised here to believe in the fairy tale about these heroes that create our little world and what America is supposed to be and then growing up and realizing the actual truth. It’s traumatic.

Another excellent show sir. I completely agree watching this administration is just like watching a toddler playing with a handgun. They’re nothing more then high paid professional liars.


  1. GWB was one of the worse presidents in history, next to obuthead, and he wants to teach a class on global elites, stupidity, sounds about right to me. U are a fkg joke. just like the phony,racist,puppet, that stole the election from the American people,dementiajoe.

  2. I am so disappointed in Former President Bush! He has & continues to let down the American people on a huge scale! In addition he continues to prove that he’s a HUGE RINO! “Quit cowtowing to the Democrats before you lose any respectability that you once had! It’s Disgusting!”

  3. Just for a moment,,,take a step back in time. Look at what we had for presidents since the Bush/Cheney era. Yeah, your right! Then along came Donald Trump. Do you see what I’m getting at. We had for once a real honest to goodness president that was FOR THE PEOPLE! But we let the big crappers, big money elites, big DC Swampers and the established Bureaucracy steal away our only true FOR THE PEOPLE PRESIDENT. Why did we let this happen? Don’t let this controlling,country destroying dictator biden administration get away with it in trying to destroy our Constitution. Get out and VOTE NOV8TH AND TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!

  4. How can you be disappointed in in a family that wanted Clinton as a family member! He and his family are textbook thieves who were never very smart! Generally speaking Americans that belong to the Democrat or Republican party are truly DUMB ASSES if you did not expect this!! 1 OF 74,000,000 PLUS AMERICAN PATRIOT PARTY RED, YELLOW, BLACK, WHITE THAT HAVE HAD ENOUGH !!! READY TO TURN THIS NATION INSIDE OUT AND MAGA!!!! 1 OF THE ULTRA MEGA PATRIOT

    • ” Generally speaking Americans that belong to the Democrat or Republican party are truly DUMB ASSES if you did not expect this” What the hell are you talking about, MORON! Republicans are not dumb asses like the Democrats! In case you are not aware, these are two different parties!


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