Press Sec. Has a Tense Argument as She Refuses to Answer This Question


Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” shares a clip of White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre arguing with Fox News’ Peter Doocy about small border towns unable to deal with the cost of illegal immigration busing undocumented immigrants to Washington D.C. and other major cities.


I like how she gas lights thr reporter for accusing republicans of what exactly her party is doing. Using the illegal immigrants!

I love how she says that sending these migrants to large cities, who are better equipped to deal with them, is Republicans USING them. But Democrats just letting them flood over the border into small communities and towns who aren’t equipped to deal with such a large influx of people is somehow perfectly acceptable. If a big city like Washington DC needs the National Guard to deal with just a fraction of the numbers that come across every day, how are all these small border towns supposed to deal with them? They’re just mad that it’s not “out of sight out of mind” anymore. I think they are deliberately trying to put a strain on Texas’ resources so they have to become dependent on the Federal Government.


  1. She continues to look down at the podium which suggests someone is giving her answers via a teleprompter. This is exactly what Obama said he would like to do during a recent interview.

  2. Incompetent Period. The puppet masters behind the scenes continue to put these nincompoops (Biden, Harris,Pelopsi,newsome, etc……) out there and the Rest of Us True Americans are paying the price! Heaven Help Us 🙏🏻

  3. She says “there IS a LEGAL process” but can not say they come illegally or that there is also LEGAL process to come in the USA?

  4. it would be nice not to listen to how one side is doing things on purpose
    can she report it with being bias
    it your fault is so childish
    she support to be a adult person and not act so childish
    you said I said tit for tat
    she is actually dumb needs a blondie wig


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