People Are Starting To Push Back On This:


Louisiana Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy and former investment banker Carol Roth weigh in on record-high inflation and the Democrats’ taxing bill on ‘The Evening Edit.’ #FoxBusiness


That’s just throwing bad money after bad ideas and policies someone will end up with the money it won’t be used for what it was intended for you can count on that

This is hilarious Politicians never solve a problems they just create more problems.


  1. Evil. A home is your private property. Biden so afraid he is going to be voted out. I have never seen an administration this bad.

  2. This FAKE Administration is all about Screwing the American Population , Country and the World. Hidbiden
    and his Parasites are to do everything they can to DESTROY the Country We all love.

  3. I believe the word we’re looking for isn’t inflation. A better word would be deflation. This administration has deflated the common everyday workers buying power and in turn has turned our country into a rich person haven. We need to organize a defensive move to turn this economy around. We need leadership that will do more than run their mouth. Where and who does this administration get the idea they are doing something to benefit the American public! The only way to fix this is to impeach this entire (democrat) administration and return to a Trump era way of living. Remember people when you go to the polls in Nov. this is how Biden treats you. Lets change the system and go back to living under the laws designed by our forefathers. It’s called the Constitution. I f Biden, Kerry, Pelosi, and Al Gore think they should clean an environment let them do it in China. They need help and the democratic party seem to be fascinated with the way things are done there. BBT (bring back trump)!


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