MUST WATCH: Marjorie Taylor Greene Launches Vicious Attack On President Biden’s Border Policies



Thank you for speaking the truth and your courage to do such. It’s a disgrace that this administration doesn’t care about this country, it’s citizens and protecting our borders.

I’m scared for our youths future, the future of this country is slipping through our hands. It’s beyond sad and tragic.


  1. We are in a bind as long as the far out, whack job politicians who may have valid points and opinions get out there and sht in their own pants. MT Greene and L. Bobert are two of these. MTG was babbling on about Jewish Lasers causing California wild fires, and that is what she will forever be known for.. Idiocy, stupidity, Childish narrative. . Bobert was just kicked out of the Denver Center for Performing arts,(during a presentation of Beetlejuice ) for having her phone on, singing out loud and Vaping during the show…. OK… come on. What is this about?? Its about “LOOK AT ME” aren’t I a spectacle worth media mention..Again a childish narrative , a self fulfilling need.. IT IS NOT ABOUT US….. ya’ll, ITS ABOUT THEM… Immature, attention hungry bimbos , kinda’ like AOC,,, no real concern but for the spotlight they learned how to grab and are now addicted to….WTF?????????? And these are the people we CHOOSE to represent US? Have we lost our grip on reality. Do you want a child running your house? OH WAIT…. They already do, don’t they? Open your eyes and take a look at what we value, and evaluate our representatives on. Ability or “followers and likes” ????

    • you seem to care too much about stupid things.

      You must be a liberal.

      You probably are so illogical that you still believe in man made global warming. after 70 years are every single prediction being a lie and thousands of scientists telling us there is no climate crisis I bet you still believe. it s a religion for yo isn’t it.

      You leftists are weird people.

  2. I agree with Greene, but a verbal misstep has marred her for her political life..Trump knows this as well. His big out of control mouth/mocking/ childish name calling were his biggest public liability.. . These folks need to think before they throw crap out there about allens, laser beams, far out garbage. In their role , its not allowed, but the LEFT can throw out sht about penises being vaginas, men being women, BLM being professors without a high school diploma… The Right is balancing on EGG Shells and should be aware of it. Biden can drag around a crack head, have coke in the WH, lie endlessly, but with the Media on the LEFT payroll, the RIGHT can’t step one inch out of line… The Right is held to a much higher standard than the junkie, whoring left wing will ever be… The best offense is a good defense against the Lefties

      • Poopypants, dummycrat.? YOu need to find some new monkiers. These are wearing very thin, sound juvenile, better yet , childish. Poopypants is something my 4 year old grandkid uses.

    • look at how stupid you are! this is an article about Marjorie Taylor Greene and her reaction to Biden’s insanity and ridiculous border policy. Yet you are so full of BS and hate that you have to comment on trump rather then the subject of the article.

      Why are you so completely stupid? why”? answer that why are you stupid?

      Further if you have to throw trump into the discussion then at least talk about the border and they policy differences. Trump did a great job controlling the birder and Biden sucks at it.

      So how did your stupid ass comment get to “trump lies”? especially when Biden is famous for lying constantly.

      Once again why are you so damn stupid? Please explain your stupidity to us. we all want to know what went wrong with you?

  3. Those who still vote for Democrats are the worst of Democrats. The political class do it for money. The morons who vote for them don’t even know why they do it.

  4. The Left wing has done a complete flip. It used to represent the working class, the middle Americans and now they have BECOME the elite, snob, look-down-their noses whores who are selling us to China, Ukraine, anybody who will pay them for a favor. Joe Biden is the epitome of this and is finally being exposed. He is being kicked to the curb by the Left Wing Media as they can see it coming and are running like rats on a sinking ship… As Gutfeld said.. They put all their eggs in one “casket”… and now the corpse smell is starting to escape. Problem,, Kamala is the heir apparent… gawd help us all… and if not this neat little package, who? RFK…ha? Greasy, used car salesman Gavin Newsome,,, gag me… What asslicking, BJ expert can they dredge up to fill the gap at this late date? Scary


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