Must Watch: Liberal Snowflake Triggered with Basic Biology…

Must Watch: Liberal Snowflake Triggered with Basic Biology...
Image from video below...

Charlie Kirk
– Charlie Kirk Triggers Liberal Snowflake With Basic Biology

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Well said mate!! You can be stronger and not be the victim

As an ex swimmer at the collegiate level. I appreciate your stance on this topic. I’ve had many long conversations with my parents about my athletic journey during my childhood into becoming a young woman and I am thankful my parents allowed me to be a “tomboy”. I am a mother of 2 amazing young men and still participate in different athletic activities! Although my nickname growing up was halfpintpete I never thought I want or identify as a boy!! I’m proud to be a strong beautiful woman!! Thank you for speaking out! Truth and authenticity!

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Will be the first to be offended by someone “mis-gendering” but with a beard along with a purse and fishnet lady gloves, who is supposed to know what you are or what you are trying to be!


If you ere born a man but want to be a female then you need to be castrated and have a penisectomy.

David Stickler

Where is the jokes about MTG?