Must See: Ted Cruz Causes a LIBERAL TEARS Waterfall….

Must See: Ted Cruz Causes a LIBERAL TEARS Waterfall....
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– Sen. Ted Cruz just went on an epic rant on overturning Roe v. Wade that caused a liberal tear MELTDOWN.

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In my almost 7 decades, abortion was the hot topic. Early on, private insurance groups would not cover abortion but would cover the procedure for D&C. Medicaid/Medicare would not pay for abortion but would cover the procedure for D&C. So then Roe v Wade received a ruling. Yet the status for coverage stayed the same for both private ins groups and Medicaid/Medicare. In comes Pelosi’s Congress of 2010, in the dark of the night, passing Affordable Care Act and thus Affordable HealthCare was hatched. The AHC/ACA pays for abortion coverage. Follow the money. Who will fight the decision of the US Supreme Court should our Justices overturn Roe v Wade? Follow the money. Who is the agency–the commissioned agency–handling enrollments for AHC? Have we heard from the medical industry yet? Just you wait. Follow the money. Abortion is not about a woman’s right to manage herself but rather is the mechanism for insurance coverage of the procedure for abortion. And Lord God Alimighty, thy hand is stronger than Planned Parenthood and all the other criminals involved. Follow the money. ~ L

It’s NOT about democracy! Killing a child is WRONG! Just because you close your eyes and pretend it’s just another kidney of yours DOES NOT MAKE IT SO. Saying it’s your body is wrong. Saying another body is in your body is right. You have an obligation to that life growing inside of you to protect it. This is not hard folks. There are many choices along the way: abstinence, protection, adoption, and support groups. Killing your child is not an option that you legally have a right to.

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Jo Lilley

It’s always “all about the money.” The insurance companies are running the medical industry, telling doctors what they can and cannot do for patients, what medications can and cannot be prescribed and for how long, forcing lab works constantly, and basically killing people. Doctors have spent a fortune, and spent years, to obtain degrees that they aren’t allowed to use. Doctors are being forced to see each of their patients multiple times in a year that wasn’t necessary just a few years ago. They used to see their patients once a year, did complete physicals, including blood e, then refilled prescriptions and said “see you next year unless something changes.” Now they’re overworked, aren’t enough of them because they’re having to repeat patients so often. The insurance companies are creating health crisis in America. Meanwhile politicians who are getting kickbacks from insurance companies and Big Pharma are screaming for MORE insurance interference.