Mike Rowe Explains Why More Workers Are ‘Quietly Quitting’


‘How America Works’ host Mike Rowe discusses the change in work ethic as more workers are “quietly quitting” their jobs. #FoxNews


The concept of “quiet quitting” reminds of the old Soviet joke “We pretend to work; and they pretend to pay us.”

We used to feel like we were working towards something…a home, family a good life. That doesn’t seem possible to many anymore. Why work hard if you will have nothing to show for it?


  1. “Quietly Quitting” still goes back to laziness and unwillingness to conform to society’s rules in order to get ahead. No matter which way you slice it…..it’s still a desire to not have to go the extra mile. Its the push to “be me and do it my way”!It’s a recipe for disaster! Sorry folks you’re not living in the real world.

  2. I am 76, I have college degree, worked for NASA, the Navy, etc, I now work part-time at Sam’s Club. I worked in college on railroad, and other labor jobs and also in high school. I paid my college loans. But I have ever had a job that I did not like.

  3. The truth is that all of us felt that way when we were 16 to 25. Even the college grads.

    When you’re starting out you do not make much money and you are expected to work extra work. you watch the boss doing what looks like nothing and making ten times woudl you do.

    over time you make more and learn the boss was doing different work and it wasn’t easy either.

    america is full of lazy tiny brained children.

  4. Has anyone read the book by Ayn Rand called Atlas Shrugged? Written in the 50’s but she had a great way of putting it…when all the doers get sick of doing because there are too many takers the World as we know it falls apart. We cannot have a country of only takers because the providers will get sick of providing and paying taxes!! Do young people get this?? When the government provides the government can takith away. When there is no more taxes being paid because everyone want something for nothing then there is chaos. The government produces NOTHING!


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