It’s Unbelievable What California Wants to Do Next…

It's Unbelievable What California Wants to Do Next...
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Russell Brand
– A new California bill threatens to strip doctors of their medical licenses for spreading “misinformation” – where else are we seeing this level of state control… hmmm?

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As a citizen in California, I propose that any government officials or corporations who sign off on this bill be required to make a public announcement stating it. That way we know exactly WHO desires power over freedom.

This has been happening here in Western Australia since the get go and it’s still going on. My family Dr told me straight to my face, very simply, that he is not allowed to tell me not to get the jab! I looked him in the eyes, said that I understand and walked away. Although I had to lose both of my jobs, I am still unjabbed and will stay that way until I die. Never in all my life have I ever been more grateful to be a natural critical thinker than during this Covid sh!tstorm.

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