Hilarious Video of Californians Adjusting To New Life In Texas 不不


This couple left California due to the cost of living, crime, taxes, etc. etc. etc. But now they’re not so sure they can get used to living in Texas!


If you voted for Gavin Newsom, STAY IN CALIFORNIA!!!!! Don’t turn Texas into the California dump!

This clip is funny, but the truth is, about 30% of my neighbors are now from California. When we approach them to welcome them to the neighborhood, they look at us funny, like there’s something wrong with us. What get’s me the most is the judgmental and condescending attitude. Texans are very welcoming people, but please don’t judge us and don’t try to change us. We like our liberty and freedom. Thank you!


  1. Not so hilarious but all too real video of Cathy Lathan, in the Coffee County Election Office, doing all sorts of stuff, that she swore to a grand jury that she did not so. Real grand jury. Real tapes of real actions. Real lying POS.

    Now, talk about funny, listen to her “lawyer” explain why she wasn’t lying, she just didn’t remember. Bless her lil ol’ heart. Naw she never lied about being an election official, that was just a lil ol’ misunderstanding.

    Lathams lawyers said, Failing to accurately remember the details of events from almost two years ago is not lying.

    Latham described herself to SullivanStrickler as an elections official, an executive from the company said during a deposition on behalf of the firm this month. A lawyer for Latham said something must have been taken out of context or misunderstood because Latham has never been a Coffee County election official and did not hold herself out as one.

  2. While it might be funny on a video, we left the west coast 2 years ago, because the Left (primarily Californians) left their homes and came north, poisoning Oregon and Washington. Now drugs, homelessness and ridiculous laws that protect everyone except the actual taxpayer, are the norm. Thanks. But California needs to stay in California.

  3. Those Californians who left to move to Texas had better learn how to be Texans OR they may be invited to leave….all they have to do is appreciate where they are now & leave that Californification attitude out of their new opportunity in the great FREE State of Texas.

  4. LOL!!! It’s one thing if the Californians learned from their mistakes what happens when Marxist dummycrats run things but if they relocated and still vote dummycrat, GET OUT!! YOU’RE NOT WELCOME! These people are relocated throughout the Midwest, not just Texas.

  5. WOW!! Even the Babylon Bee has succumbed to the obligatory, White woman with a “ghetto rat” mentality.

    So WOKE, so “inclusive”, so funny!


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