FBI Whistleblowers Are EXPOSING Everything as DOJ Begins to PANIC!!!



I miss mean tweets and sane policies. So much better than senility, terrorist threats of the public and communism.

Fun fact: A former president having classified documents is hardly a smoking gun of any wrongdoing. Especially when he has the legal authority to drclsssify his documents.


  1. None if this is the least bit shocking. I’ve wondered for a long time why the honest, decent FBI agents didn’t come forward as whistleblowers. Figured most were raised to be honest people. To say I’m disappointed in the FBI, DOJ etc. is an understatement. Please all of you, do the right thing. You were smart enough to become an agent so I assume you’re smart enough to know the truth.

  2. 30 Agents with automatic weapons and no ammo raid a place that is secured by the Secret Service 29 of the agents felt like fools .. this was a set up job from the start the FBI made sure Trump was not present

  3. The Democrats believe we are fools who cannot see through what they are doing. They randomly place (empty) “top secret” folders on the floor and photograph them as if Donald Trump’s team actually left them there!

  4. the entire fbi needs to be shut down and all agents fired / no pensions for anyone. they need to be listed an not eligible for rehire to any government job and they need to be red listed so they can not own any weapons ever again.

    The same with the DOJ ATF NIH, CDC and FDA. fire them all. they have zero value to our society.

  5. Sorry to say : the above post is correct they all need to be revisited and jail time handed out with no pensions and $$$ fines. Starting with the IRS-ATF-FBI-DOJ-CDC-FDA-and the rest of them.

  6. I agree. Every decent and honest member of these organizations should blow the whistle. This is government corruption from A to Z. Shame on them all.

  7. We will never forget what this evil American government did to me and my woman name Joyce Sasnett. They kidnapped our three kids and they violated all of our rights as Americans and as human beings. I’m referring to the FBI, DOJ. You are not DOJ you are Department Of Injustice. And as CPS goes, they are Neo Nazis. You all can go right straight to hell.

  8. They are all in lock – step with lazy, lying, senile, sleepy, idiot Joe and stand by him no matter what illegal they all do; including our southern border !


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