EPIC: Kennedy SLAMS Mayorkas to His Face…

EPIC: Kennedy SLAMS Mayorkas to His Face...
Image from video below...

– Sen. Kennedy just SLAMMED Sec. Mayorkas to his face over Biden’s ridiculous appointment to the Disinformation Governance board.

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Who decides what is and isn’t a threat to the homeland? Because it seems corruptible

Wrong MyDorkass, you don’t get to claim “Privacy” as a right, you’re accountable to the Public!, Congress represents the Public and ask questions on our behalf. Those simple questions don’t jeopardize national security.

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Jo Lilley

Sounds like the person who is responsible for the hiring (Mayorkas) doesn’t seem to know much about anything that he’s supposed to. He doesn’t know anything about who is being hired. He doesn’t know anything about the border. He doesn’t seem to know anything about anything, and THIS is supposed to be responsible for our national security? No wonder we’re going down the tubes.