Elon Musk & Trump, It’s Happening!!!

Elon Musk & Trump, It’s Happening!!!
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Russell Brand
– Elon Musk has said he’d let Donald Trump back on Twitter – but would Trump even come back, and what does this mean for free speech and potentially for the 2024 election?

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I’m fine with Trump on Twitter. I find it scary when people only want to hear from those who reinforce their own world view. I enjoy discussions with people with opposing views. It helps me to understand others which is never a bad thing. Thanks Russell for your channel. It’s greatly needed and appreciated.

You know we’re in dark times when the idea of revoking free speech is being debated seriously

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Robert Banks

Russell! I have to comment on a comment you made in the “It’s happening: Elon Musk and Trump” podcast. You stated “there are neo-nazi people in Ukraine being supported by the right” as if that is a fact. I do not know, but if you have some information to back that up, I sure would like to see it! Russia is making similar claims – I want to see PROOF, or at least reasonably reliable information. Please advise?