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This is like listening to The Greens here in Australia. “We must print money to save the environment!”
“Explain how, please.“
“We must print money to save the environment!”
“So you said, but how will this help?”
“We must print money to save the environment!”

Obviously it’s all a scam. What a surprise.


  1. The Left and woke society in general have put into place certain “buzz” words and phrases that incentivize the average human to jump on, for fear of being insensitive, racist, cold, unsympathetic, and be MANIPULATED to insanity by our politicians. They are “schools/education”, “children” “the environment” and of course the king buzz word of all history…”racism”( for Obama, it was Health care) and it’s all Bullsht. Tear them all down, take them apart. OK… . Schools? Our kids no longer can read or do math but what the hell are we teaching them? Nothing worth anything. Children? We hear sobbing about those in “cages at the border”.. Ask the mothers who sent them there willingly with a Coyote , a male, unaccompanied by a real relative and then try to guess what happened to them.. Rape, porn, trafficking. Yeah… The children here, our OWN kids, we are teaching to j-off in grade school and perform homosexual acts. That is the Dem agenda. But the buzz words incite some sick sense of urgency in normal , otherwise decent people with common sense. OK, the environment.. In our local grocery stores in Denver, they are banning plastic bags at the check-out stands, but LOOK around the store.. What holds bread, potatoes, a head of lettuce, a tray of tomatoes, covers a tray of beef/hamburger.? FOLKS…… ITS FREAKIN’ PLASTIC!!!!! Are we that damn blind??? so get rid of plastic check out bags.. Makes so much sense, doesn’t it? I guess so. and Racism..? When was the last time we regressed into separate lunch counters, restrooms, class rooms, cafes, entertainment venues ? If anything , we have bent over backward to accommodate and lick the asses of anyone not white and this is where we end up? White supremacists? It obliterates the ability to think an issue through with the facts in front of our noses. Wake the hell up… believe in yourselves, your own values and principles. Believe what you see, like the genitals, values and gods of your own culture.. Deny the Left wing its control over everything in your lives. MY LIFE.. I patently reject anything that falls out of their drooling, power hungry , lying mouths…


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