Crowd in SHOCK as Biden has SCREAMING ANEURISM at White House to Celebrate Destroying Economy


Demented Joe Biden Yells Like a Madman at White House


Calling the Biden administration a “clown show” is an insult to clowns. I’m thinking since the 2020 election it’s been like watching a bad Naked Gun movie.

A lot of people are thinking about not having the money to take care of their children right now. Thanks to you, Joe.


  1. This ass hole sounds like a stuck 38 rpm record. He is senile as hell , as effective as tits on a bull and needs to be placed in a care facility. This is YOUR leader, America – this is what you voted in… A debilitated , ancient, failing old man who needs caretakers. And the second in line … is Word Salad Annie. ( Remember that old 60’s song, Polk Salad Annie?”) She gathered turnip greens in the woods. It was by Tony Joe White…Oh, oh, is that racist , that his last name is white? Google the words…. ha.

  2. they knew he was senile dementia stupid – he was all his life useless
    that’s why
    NO ONE has the balls to say he shouldn’t be president
    they drug him so he can talk just look at the eyes look at his actions
    insane things he says
    jill is guilty of elderly abuse for she knew he was dementia and she just wanted to be FIRST LADY power trip for her look at me
    every bill executive order signed by dementia should be null and void for a person not in his right mind giving orders NAY
    you can thank the ones behind him doing this to our free country

  3. Joe’s mannerisms during that speech are just like Hitler’s.
    He’s clearly been watching old news reels of Hitler orating.
    And that Independence Hall speech…….Clearly out of the
    Nazi playbook. Beware America, we have a wanna be Hitler
    running this country. Next thing….He’ll start putting the
    74 million that voted Trump into concentration camps.
    With ovens. Just looking into his eyes you can tell he is insane.

  4. The chemist that concocted the poison that 95% of all democrats have digested should be granted a Nobel prize for his/her success but incarcerated for the damage it’s doing to our society and to our world. I have never seen lies and denial on such a massive scale as we see in he democratic party. May God help us.


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