CNN SMACKS Biden’s Grin Off With DEVASTATING News!


CNN smacks Biden’s grin off with devastating news regarding the Inflation Reduction Act. Mike Huckabee reacts to this and more. Don’t miss the BREAKDOWN of the latest news!


Dear Governor, ONLY in our dreams are we paying less. We dream that President Trump is in power but then we wake up to a real nightmare.

Lived through the disastrous Carter years. Biden’s disaster is coming much faster and looks to be much worse.


  1. This is not an accident. He has no idea what he is reading because he is not home mentally!! Is this the new reset of America? Who is really running our country?

  2. obomba dino-soros zelinsky nancy and the rest of the demons in government
    they made their money

  3. Everything in the grocery store store has increased more that $1.00.Some things have actually increased $3.00 and $4.00.Beef has increase 3x what it was.Electric and gas have increased.I went to the fabric store hoping to make a couple of winter skirts. FAbric is 15.00 and
    up per yard.Clothing in retail stores prices are unaffordable for most of us.My grocery bill has more doubled and i don’t buy junk food.It goes on and on. I have to eat high fibre.So I make my own highfibre muffins using wheat bran but but know wheat bran is hard to get.There Green Energy pipe dream is killing this country stopped. There is no need for any of his in this country.The food pantry lines are grow longer and longer because people can’t afford to buy food and a lot of us will probably not be able to afford our utility bills this winter.Joe Biden needs to be stopped furthermore i don’t believe that any of this is really for Green energy I believe it is all about the 2030 reset whis will make this country a totalitarian State.

    • Can’t say I disagree with you and your right about the so called green energy solar panels are so toxic that they can’t be recycled at the end of their life and when the blades on these wind turbines as they like to call them they can’t be recycled and they are only two places in the USA that will accept them to be deposed of and half of them are this laying on the top of the ground. I think this green energy crap is worse than burning oil

  4. We don,t have President. We have what we deserve. Mentally ill man.
    So, what do you want???????????? My utility bill $650.00. per month.
    Biden fence cost $500.000. tax people money. This is democracy.

  5. Those of us near retirement are watching our retirement funds decrease on a daily basis. We seem to pay more every time we visit the grocery store or buy any other product. The Biden administration is the most pathetic excuse for government ever and his VP and his press secy. lack any common sense.

  6. Hey we are getting close…….turn out he lights the party’s over!!!!
    Only November can help save us!!!! Please do your part and do
    the House cleaning…….only then can we get um back on…..

  7. If we lose this election, GOP, we will be living in socialist, dictatorship, communist nation! This is the path the Biden Administration is taking us down. I live on a fixed income and it is extremely hard with such an out of control economy. I stay home more because of high gas prices and every week I adjust my grocery list. All I can say is, I PRAISE the Lord that my name is written in the Lambs Book of Life.

  8. My food bills have just about doubled, with only buying essentials to live (milk, bread, eggs, etc). Cannot afford to do anything that requires spending money. I vote with my wallet, so the Democrats will never get my vote. At least when Trump was in Office, I had extra spending money at the end of the month. Now it seems like I’m robbing Peter to pay Paul every month.

  9. I am also retired and I stay home often 6 days a week because of gas prices. I am buying less at the grocery store. I’m going through my IRA way too fast and have to take money out every month just to live. SS isn’t enough. I went to lunch the other day with a friend and it was the first meal I’ve had out in more weeks then I can remember. I have had extra necessary expenses like huge dental bills and some vet bills which means draining my IRA even more. I was doing pretty well until Biden came along. I know it’s all done deliberately and climate change etc are just a prop to further their agenda. So is covid. It’s heartbreaking to see what’s happening to our country. There is no way on earth I would ever vote for a Democrat but I do wish Republican politicians would stop taking a stance against abortion as that really seems to have a whole lot of Democrats, especially women, really riled up and that could possibly cost us the election. There are too many things at stake and we need to win.


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