BUSTED: Security Cameras at Mar-a-Lago Caught FBI Agents Doing Something SICK



“Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry.” ― Thomas Jefferson LET’S GO BRANDON!

Sounds like the lawyer was treated the same way the people trying to observe the recount votes. Telling her she couldn’t observe.


  1. X-Biden , Has killed the FUTURE On and In this Country and the World for the United States. His killed the FUTURE for Everyone including our Children and our Grandchildren
    and future generations. Biden is Dictator just Hitler. The thing Biden cares about his Millions and Millions that little boy Hunter makes and give 10% to the BIG Guy.

  2. Bait & switch. You promised but failed to deliver anything remotely matching video showing FBI agents doing something “sick.” Your credibility is now shot & I won’t waste my time following you.

  3. You are just a fat ass, a 7th grader could do a better job. You really look silly making faces and body movements. I bet you have never been if a men’s locker room – just saying.

  4. Once agian biden is lying, but that is normal for biden and the democrats they lie about everything.

    Do you think the president in not involved in the DOJ investigate of hunter?

    the fbi and doj needs to be completely defunded and every single agent fired with no pension. they need to have all future gun possession rights revoked and be permanently red listed. every FBI and DOJ employee past and present is a danger and threat to each american citizen.

    For citizen safety they all need to be deported

    • 👎🏻 You’ve totally got it all wrong…so many people brainwashed by trump’s lies and the way he manipulates his puppets, he’s a total disgrace to this country and needs to be put behind bars

  5. the only person you need to be true to is yourself those that expect truth from other others is as dumb as those that speak truth


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