BREAKING: Trump Says Feds Have Raided His Mar-A-Lago Home

Greg Nash Former President Trump arrives on stage to give a keynote address during the America First Policy Institute Summit in Washington, D.C., on July 26, 2022.


  1. I’m sure Schiff had a part in this. Schiff been asking the DOJ to investigate President Trump. So Pathetic Democrats Parasites

  2. People it’s time to start shooting not because the Feds occupied Trumps house but any house .. I mean what the hell is going on

  3. Just like the communists before them, this administration is tearing apart our nation. Making us weak, seting us up to lose a war. 1. Open borders, take care of illeagles before citizens. Helping China insread of U S. Shut down our energy. Strategic Oil Reserve is there for military in case of war, millions of barrels taken out to lower gas prices (not). Gave China 5 million barrels to deplete more oil. Now we are poking China and raising tensions. Harassing anyone who does not agree with them. False witch hunts, etc..

  4. This is on you Trump. We trusted you but you ran like a coward from a stolen election instead of using the forces at your disposal to stop all of this. Everything that has happened under Biden has a lot to do with you. You also sold out to Big Pharma with your push on the deadly ‘jabs’. This time you deserve it.

  5. This party wants to replace Americans with illegals. No more Americans. So they can have total control. I invite you to the border in the Rio Grande Valley. This was my home Has been destroyed. The Demorats are destroying America. Just like Trump our homes are invaded

  6. “We, the people” need to make only citizens vote ar next election and that there are no last minute thousands of votes are saudden found for the other side. Remember the mules.

  7. This action is unacceptable. 🤬
    The democrats are destroying and tearing our country apart. 😩
    We must vote RED in November and hold these SOB’s accountable.

  8. This is all out war on the greatest PRESIDENT of all time DONALD TRUMP and 74,000,000 PLUS legal voter AMERICAN PATRIOTS who have had enough!! It is stupid to think we 74,000,000 American Patriots, red, yellow, black, white are not going to retaliate in a BIG WAY!! There will not be a safe place for ANY DEMOCRAT, RINO, to hide !! WE will see Hunter Biden executed after found guilty of TREASON! Then all the Clintons, Biden, Obamas, Pelosi of the same charge and executed on PPV! The FBI and all it agents dismantled and a New American First LAW AND ORDER organization with a Federal “DEATH” Penalty!! All illegals are going to be sent back to where they come from, dead or alive!!! We have been attacked and will defend America from these internal terrorist!! Get in there face and do not let them have one minutes rest!!! Ultra MEGA 1 of 74,000,000 Plus American Patriot the war is on!!

  9. Hunter biden and corruption win the day,Biden/corrupt democrats are now standing on the same level as dog sxxx, what happens then scrape it off the bottom of your shoes start all over, this time you look harder where you step,vote corrupt democrats out of office return it to those who care about our Country.

  10. The Dems are running scared. They know if Trump gets re elected.. things are going to start unraveling got them. They are doing whatever tk make sure Trump doesn’t get re elected. But in reality, it is helping him because everyone knows the FBI and CIA are corrupted to the core. I would spit in the FBI or CIA face if I ever saw one of them.cowards that will not investigate Hunter Biden’s corruption when you have a laptop full of evidence.


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