President Biden is showing ‘signs of dementia’: Megyn Kelly


The Megyn Kelly Show host Megyn Kelly says US President Joe Biden is showing several “signs of dementia”.

Speaking with Sky News host Paul Murray – Ms Kelly looked at some recent gaffes from President Biden including an error he made at a conference where he asked whether Republican congresswoman Jackie Walorski was in the room, despite the fact she died in a car accident in August.

Ms Kelly said Joe Biden is doing things that have had to be “walked back”.

“All of this is connected to slurring, mumbling, forgetting, wandering,” Ms Kelly said.

“All these are signs of dementia.

“And if you listen to him lately, it’s starting to go even more south.”


My father died of advanced dementia. Biden shows every classical sign of it, including sundowning. Those random flashes of anger are classic examples.

When Biden startet his job as a president, I gave him not more than 6 month in that position. But what I didn’t consider: with Harris as vice president they don’t have any chance to switch!


  1. I hate to say this, but he needs some compassion. I have seen dementia and Alzheimer’s far too many times to not know he is suffering from it. I told friends (who laughed) this when he first announced his run. He’s a VICTIM of ELDER ABUSE and Jill and the rest of his controllers should be arrested. Imagine what kind of people would put OUR country at such risk that they would put a sick old man in the White House. The Left has gone way, way too far.

    • You just found this out? I too feel somewhat sorry for him he is being used. But if you notice one day when speaking seems somewhat with the program. And the next day or so he is very confused and not knowing where he is. Look at 2 separate pictures and notice the difference in him.

  2. Elderly abuse or not, I don’t feesl sorry for him I can’t stand him. He’s cocky, he’s mean, he thinks he’s the king. Yeah the king of the toilet, he’s own pampers are his toilet. If he has dementia, it certainly doesn’t stop or slow him from destroying this country. He’s EVIL, corrupt, lowlife vindictive old bastard. He’s been like this since he became a politician, and I’m sure long before. I’ve never seen a more corrupt being than jerk Biden.

  3. The lights have been half way on and no one home on the demented old sock puppet in chief long before he was sworn in. This fool couldn’t run a kiddie street corner lemonade stand without messing it up.

  4. Biden = Dementia, You think? He is out there in left field somewhere.This is scary,to think he is running the Country in this condition.I hope those in Congress and the senate are aware of this,and are not allowing him to make any big desicions in this condition.He could get us into a war,and the next day,not remember it.Frightening,I tell you.


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