People Are Starting To Push Back On This:


Louisiana Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy and former investment banker Carol Roth weigh in on record-high inflation and the Democrats’ taxing bill on ‘The Evening Edit.’ #FoxBusiness


That’s just throwing bad money after bad ideas and policies someone will end up with the money it won’t be used for what it was intended for you can count on that

This is hilarious Politicians never solve a problems they just create more problems.


  1. The Democrats are trying to “ buy” votes because they know they are losing fast.
    They let the illegals both Afghans and Hispanics in and had them bused to strong red areas to help sway the vote to blue.

    The Dems are cheating right under the dumb Republicans noses

  2. Biden knew that the only chance he had for a win was to energize the welfare crowd with promises of free everything, and it worked. Now its time to pay the piper with appointments to the SCOTUS, the Congress, etc… He is installing them , not based on anything but race and the need to do the payback to placate them. When I look into my dog’s eyes I see more alertness, intelligence and presence than when I look at sleepy Joe. He is a relic on the decline and yet he still actually believes he’ll be alive in four years and able to run a successful bid and election???? Oh, yeah…. Dementia has taken root.

  3. And We The People are pushing back on this Student Forgiveness Plan. Joe (China) Biden is doing this to BUY Votes from the Red States to the Red States. Biden doesn’t Care anything about the Country and and the American Taxpayer’s. This is say go STEAL and BRIBE for Votes so that the 2022 and 2024 Elections are FAIR and SQUARE. The DEMORAT’S of the Democratic Socialist/Communist Party has done for Years.


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