Hang On, Covid Came From WHAT?


As a major new Covid report suggests the virus could have leaked from a US lab, are we getting any closer to understanding the natural origin hypothesis was so heavily promoted? #covid #pandemic #lableak


I worked in 3 biotech companies during the pandemic in a biotech hub, famous for its research. And let me tell you, everyone was VERY quiet during all this. That is how I knew something was wrong. Many scientists quit, moved away, or stayed until the vaccine mandate and then quit. But no one was talking. It’s like they all just knew.

I was in rehab in January 2020 right when they started covering it. I got the worst flu I’d had in decades. Cough, body aches, worst headache I’ve ever had. I was down for about 3 days. When I got out of my room, most everybody on staff, and the rest of the patients had gotten it. But I never caught COVID once I got home, even though I went to the grocery store and to work every single day. I always thought it was a social control experiment. Happily, I never took the jab, nor let my kids take it. I just made sure they got outside once a day to play and get vitamin D.


  1. I have always said that the Democrats released this Virus on America so they could steal the election in 2020 and so they could weed out a lot of old people who they were paying Social Security.

    • Exactly. Trumps economy was too good for him to loose so the democrats killed the economy.

      The democrats don’t care that they killed people.

      The problem is that some of the democrat governors and democrat government management don’t know when to quit.

      • too good for him to LOSE so…….

        They know when to quit. For them the time to quit is when the U.S and rest of the world is under Oligarchic New World Order control of the servitude (Us!).

  2. Can you spell BS. covid 19 was first identified in Wuhan China where fauci was managing gain of function research on the virus with money given to him by obama/biden.

    The report would have to explain how an enhance human suspectable virus developed at fauci, biden, obama’s request in china would end up in a lab in the usa then only present itself in Wuhan China for the first month.

    The plausibility meter is pegging close to zero on this one.

    Now Fauci’s butt buddy Daszek does have his lab here and he was also working with fauci on this covid 19 research, but that still does not riase the probability meter much.

    The fact is this is a democrat voter story. Too many people know tge obama / biden / fauci / wuhan gain of function connection. This story is designed to muddy the water.

    Still pretty crystal clear what really happened with the democrat plandemic.

  3. Viral weaponizing (gain of function) was being done at Ft Detrick bioweapons lab (infamous creator of Agent Orange) in conjunction with Wuhan Lab until it was stopped because the planned pandemic would not be able to be covered up. Fauci, as head of the branch of NIH kept funneling millions ($) through multiple thousand dollar grants to Wuhan which are still going to Wuhan Lab China. The government will NEVER admit to this.


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