So, He Lied


As Anthony Fauci endorses the new FDA authorized booster shots, how much can we rely on a big pharma-funded FDA and the instructions of the face of medical science who, it emerges, often didn’t follow the science? #covid #pandemic #fauci


The worst part were the doctors trying to foist this on healthy adults. Like mine. She knew my medical background. I’ve been with her for 10 years. She knew of my previous episode of Bells Palsey grom 6 years ago and that the chances of having another were significantly increased with taking this shot. Also informed her that I could not have the flu shot, which they said if you have reactions to the shot avoid this, yet she kept insisting I have it. And yet when I still said, I’ve worked in the medical field for 20 years as a medical tech/assistant so I have some basic knowledge of medicine, I don’t feel comfortable with something pushed out so fast with so little testing. That we don’t know ow the long term side effects and it’s not 100% safe. She tried arguing all these with me. I still refused. She tried using guilt on on. I’m a little overweight. I have PCOS. My biggest health condition is I have migraines. I workout at the gym 3-5 days a week. Last year I started stunning 5ks. Last year I ran a tol of 5 of them. This year I have already run 5 of them and run 2 10ks. I’m not the fastest times age are within acceptable limits. I’m working on losing more weight. But for her to buy into Faucis lies…. I can’t wait to see her in a couple weeks and tell her how I still haven’t taken the shot and my update on my runs and see what her stance is on the shot.

My brother was recently rushed to the ER after losing feeling and control to his entire body. After regaining motor functions he experienced aphasia and general confusion. He became combative and was subsequently forced into sedation for 3 and a half days in order to run tests. After throwing all resources at him the doctors haven’t a clue what caused this. Every test comes back negative or inconclusive. That was last Friday. They woke him up Tuesday and he seemed to be making progress. Today(Thursday) he “relapsed” with numbness in his fingers and lips and confusion along with the inability to keep his arms and hands on a level plane. They ran more test with no answers again. He received a booster in June(I have no idea which number as I remain unvaccinated and have not kept track). He is 35 and bikes 40 miles at a time multiple times a week. Only prior medical history is generalized anxiety. This whole situation just doesn’t add up. Anyone have a similar story? Should I push the issue on the doctors to record his case to VAERS? Will that even matter? -A disgruntled human that needed to vent to nobody in particular.


  1. The fact is that this plannedemic funded by the democrats has proved the CDC, NIH, FDA, and local health authorities are completely untrustworthy.

    It has also pointed out that our schools adnthe teachers are completely worthless untrustworthy people.

    The raid on trumps house is proof our DOJ and BFI are completely corrupt.

    We are at a point where the only sensible answer to the force our politicians to push for massive government cuts. we shoudl be pushing for a 70% cut in all government organizations.

    We shoudl be pushing to federally mandated 100% school vouchers.

    The governemtn has become out of control and corrupt. The only solution is to starve it.

  2. Our country pays an enormous amount of taxes but I see more our government using our tax dollars to repair problems in other countries but ignoring the problems here in the United States ie border problems, medical cost, prescription drugs, care for elderly, inflation and a lot more.
    Thanks to our government officials we pay they make money off of our taxes. It’s time to clean up our government and get rid of all the old SOBs. Get back to running our country as per the Constitution . If you don’t like it go somewhere else and live without law enforcement, change your gender, complain about the climate, and let men live with men and women live with women. I hope they never learn to reproduce!!!!!!!!! God bless America and MAGA!

  3. Pure poison that will kill u. Son had it three times, no shots, no real problems, got over it,in a short time. He is part native american, they aren’t being truthful about the shots, and what terrible side effects there are.The kids are being poisoned,don’t give it to them,horrific side effects.

  4. My oncologist was the most demanding, rude, and arrogant dr. you could imagine about me having the vax. I ended that visit by walking out and found another oncologist! I am not weak when it comes to what I will and will not do and I will not be forced! Too many unexplained deaths in healthy people for my taste!


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