‘Senile’ Joe Biden is controlled by ‘faceless figures’: Tucker Carlson


Joe Biden isn’t capable of running a birthday party, let alone running a government, says Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

“Joe Biden is senile,” he told Sky News host Peta Credlin.

“Of course, he’s merely a proxy for the people that are actually running the US government.

“The faceless diabolical figures that are driving us into the abyss … They’ve benefitted greatly from having a senile president.”


“The faceless diabolical figures driving us into the abyss”. Well said. Can you say Barack Obama?

This elderly man doesn’t make his own public statements or author his own tweets. He literally isn’t in charge


  1. Everyone who has ever followed the history of poopypants senile Joe knows this POS has NEVER had any brains. He’s been stupid his whole life.

  2. I have a question abd I am serious.

    Do you think Joe biden is so clueless he does not know he shut down the gas and oil drilling and production leases with the EO’s he sign January 2020?

    I feel like he might be just that stupid.

  3. He is just a senile, dirty old, corrupt puppet. His handlers created this disaster of tearing apart this country. EO’s sitting on the desk waiting to be signed the 1st day in office! Do you think that any prep was done on the orders? This corruption started day 1 . Dirty old man can’t change his diaper without someone else doing it for him. Our Great Country deserves better than third world government officials. Corrupt officials, dark money and Nazi style politics. This Administration is seeking oil imports from opec when the FOOL shutdowns DOMESTIC OIL PRODUCTION here in OUR COUNTRY. Then he wonders who to blame for the TREMENDOUS PROBLEMS in OUR COUNTRY TODAY…. They are not concerned about the American Citizens will being. Their perks are still rolling in.

  4. Picture this scenario; Barry O. The Kenyan deceiver sitting on a stool with a dummy (Joey Biden) on his lap in front of a big audience – USA. Remember when Barry said that Joey has the ability to screw things up, when he used the phrase, ‘leading from behind.’ And also once he hinted about talking to Joey into an earpiece from his basement, even though he was jokingly admitting. Check it out on you tube.


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