Peter Doocy DROPS MIC ON Karine Jean Pierre With Her Own Tweet EXPOSING The Democrat’s Hypocrisy!



It’s a slap in the face to ALL Americans that this is the only person asking those questions and she is the only person not answering them like this.

Peter Doocy is the only press member who asks real questions. This upsets this administration because they are too inept to answer.


  1. What i see now is a no return of how America was and how America will be in the future. I hope the best for our country n the future We need our country to survive .

  2. I’m 80.I grew up in the 50’s—the best, safest decade in our history. Moms were still at home, keeping a vigilant eye on kids—now she works outside & kids are left to their own devices,get into trouble w/bad influences & drugs! She kept the home a welcoming place to come home to, families ate-went to church-together, laughed, loved together! I know there are always exceptions, so don’t yell at me.
    The left has worked since then to destroy all that. Patient, they infiltrated our colleges-where 9 of 10 profs are rabid Socialists, convincing our kids that’s the only way! “Equality” to them means YOU work twice as hard to support the couch potatoes who don’t want to work at all! Again, always exceptions, don’t yell.
    They came into our schools, shaming our kids for color of their skin, pushing their homosexual/trans perversions! Parents are too busy, too tired to go to church,or kid’s sports are on Sunday morn.
    And the Left, liberals, are the most corrupt party in our country’s
    history, Socialists who want to control every aspect of our lives, take our rights, freedoms! They brazenly stole our election—
    proven daily, still-& say they’ll do it again!
    Why,I ask,are most of our 340 mil.sitting around doing NOTHING? Still watching Disney-who now has homosexual films for kids? Watching Dem lying lapdog tv media? Still letting the most corrupt govt in our history throw us into Recession-& possibly a war w/o uttering a word of complaint?
    We used to be a haven for oppressed—now we’re a haven for cartels, traffickers, gangs, terrorists—for a Dem vote! We used to know abortion was abhorrent-now,the left enables careless, callous, women who create a life so carelessly-& murder it so cavalierly! And also do it…..for a vote!
    I once read-A nation w/o God cannot stand! We have become that nation. The left wants to destroy family, religion— & unless all Americans rise up, make their anger known, & take down the most corrupt party in our history, we will fall. And we will have no one but ourselves to blame!
    At 80, in poor health, I can’t protest. But I write letters every day—to congress, & a corrupted Justice systems that allows a Demented Dipstick to weaponize them against his opponent-that he knows he couldn’t beat w/ a stick on merit or accomplishment!
    And so, ifyou hate what our beautiful, generous country is becoming—DO something! If it’s only writing letters!


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