PETA Activists Cement Themselves to Starbucks Driveway, Then the Police Showed Up



Pouring that concrete is the closest they have done resembling work in their lives.

I would have left them that way. Let them chew thier feet off to get out.


  1. So what charge them with criminal trespass,resisting arrest. Vandelizm, and then ripped their Hans off the driveway and throw them in jail.

  2. LOL!!! Dummycrats protesting a dummycrat run business is very funny. Hey PETA, Starbucks is in the business of selling crummy burnt coffee, not meat. But if those idiots really want to be part of the pavement, then run a fully loaded 18 wheeler through there (prefer an overloaded grain hauler grossing 100,000 lbs.) and smash the PETA pukes like a bug on the windshield at 70 mph.

  3. FERTILIZER; DESPERATELY NEEDED TO GROW YOUR “SPECIAL RIGHTS” IS SO FAR OVER PRICED BECAUSE OF BIDEN AND HIS ilk that FARMERS CAN NOT AFFORD IT SO YOU GULLIBLE VEGANS THAT VOTED FOR THIS SENILE OLD GOAT wont have as much of your precious veggies because fertilizer is needed to grow massive quantities! simple lesson here is– I hope you gullibles can understand less output but same demand CREATES the problems you are wining about; HIGH PRICES OF THE MILK SUBSTITITE) guess what, grass for cows pigs goats lambs …. that grows wild so guess what is going to happen (if biden doesn’t screw us up more) the MEAT industry is going to be effected less than the plant. $1.42 for a single green pepper –let alone your precious milk substitutes !!!! A can of Chili with no beans but all the meat a growing person needs is cheaper than that 1 veggie because President Trump said a lot more FACTUAL things that made you cry so you voted for biden’s “transparent” dictatorship! YOU are gonna have to make a decision now: as long as are dems in control its eat meat, pay more for your special veggie milk or any veggies for that matter; or be hungry. #VOTE COMMON SENSE NOT COMMON STUPIDITY!


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