Let’s Face It, Manchin Took The Money Under The Table.


‘The Big Sunday Show’ panelists react to findings from the Joint Committee on Taxation’s claiming that the Manchin-Schumer reconciliation bill would raise taxes. #foxnews


Manchin goes from the GOAT democrat to just another tax and spend democrat.

Lets face it, Manchin took the money under the table.


  1. Manchins greed got the best of him, he thinks he is going to get a pipline out of this, and not cause more inflation, u won’t get a pipeline, with pipedream, u idiot.U did raise everyone’s taxes though, and screwed your own state the worse. I bet all your constituents, are just happy with u, but the rest of us aren’t.U sold everybody out, with billions more piled on our debt,jackass. Your stupid green energy,5% of our grid, will destroy our way of living, with more blackouts, and no energy, typical,socialist dumbocrap, get your head out of your behind.

  2. Term limits to keep greed out of politics. This guy is only interested in lining his own pockets – he needs to go in 2024. Our founding fathers never conceived of making political office as a career – with these people not interested in the Anerican people. They are only interested in spending money we don’t have and then increasing the IRS to steal it from the people. What ever happened to “enjoy the fruits if your labor?” Freedom is fragile and these fools will destroy the machinery that keeps it working.


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