Hang On, Covid Came From WHAT?


As a major new Covid report suggests the virus could have leaked from a US lab, are we getting any closer to understanding the natural origin hypothesis was so heavily promoted? #covid #pandemic #lableak


I worked in 3 biotech companies during the pandemic in a biotech hub, famous for its research. And let me tell you, everyone was VERY quiet during all this. That is how I knew something was wrong. Many scientists quit, moved away, or stayed until the vaccine mandate and then quit. But no one was talking. It’s like they all just knew.

I was in rehab in January 2020 right when they started covering it. I got the worst flu I’d had in decades. Cough, body aches, worst headache I’ve ever had. I was down for about 3 days. When I got out of my room, most everybody on staff, and the rest of the patients had gotten it. But I never caught COVID once I got home, even though I went to the grocery store and to work every single day. I always thought it was a social control experiment. Happily, I never took the jab, nor let my kids take it. I just made sure they got outside once a day to play and get vitamin D.


  1. Except for the guy who worked at the lab. He went to a bar after work infecting everybody there. They went home and gave it to their families. They went to work and infected the workers. Next thing you know, the whole city was infected and the government quarantined the entire city. They did allow them to go on vacation outside of China.

  2. I might believe this story except for three things. First, Covid-19 first appeared in the Chinese province of Wuhan. Second, the Chinese scientist from the Wuhan lab of virology sent out an internet warning regarding it before the CCCP made him disappear. And third, this is the story that the CCCP was pushing when the virus was first identified and had spread world-wide. I didn’t believe them then and I don’t now.

  3. that’s the thing that could be possible because one day we hear of it in China then the next day NYC is under quaratine. I mean how did it travel so fast through the chemtrails. I honestly believe it was set up so they could push the absentee or early voting ballots to keep us all out of the voting places. I don’t think it will be the first or the last pandemic especially around voting time, they will try this again at the expence of killing off some elderly people which it really affected. One of our secretary of state wanted to kill off minority’s a few years back by contaminating the water from city to city then blame it on the flu shot. I seen the video on that and the Dr. who was telling about it fled the country to the mountain side of Panama, she was the Dr. for our representives in the house and senate. Contaminating the water could be an easy fix and dangerous for city dwellers. The covid was a planned thing. It might have come out of Wuhan but then our Labs just followed the lead from them and continued it going forward from within our own country.


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