Congress ERUPTS As Brave Senator HUMILIATES Merrick Garland With One Question



Your job isn’t to protect the doj, your job is to make sure the doj is blind to outside influence in regards to the law. Not be a lap dog for others.

Sure he wants to protect people on school boards but not Supreme Court Justices that have hundreds of people protesting in their front yards .


  1. The delicate little snow flake candy asses… whining… putting their pink boots on our necks. Going around the issues into schools to indoctrinate, limiting church, ok, but PHONE calls.. Oh these poor Peter Pan children . They will never grow up and want our kids to join forces with them to lay down, bend over and allow them and their crew to force America to become weaker , dumber and more vulnerable to any nation who has a “set”

  2. Garland is an ass wipe for the biden crime family 150 international checks
    money transferds processed by the biden crime family, turned over to the government for serious criminal review by the banking authorities. No action taken by the FBI DOJ, are thet really part of the biden crime family or just lap dogs without the balls to do the right thing for the American tax payers.

  3. Another Joe Biden appointee with allegiance to Joe (the dictator) Biden. Most of Joe’s appointees are typical. They aren’t working for the people. They work like their their boss. The only thing they’re worried about is getting re-elected for another term. They are all so corrupt they believe everything Biden says. If money as we know it now manages to hang around we will be seeing Biden’s face on a three dollar bill and a jackass on the reverse. It will be inscribed with in Transgender we trust and a seal with a swasita and a sickle This can’t be what you die hard democrats want! This isn’t what the people of America want. Voting democrat is like kicking your own ass! Dummies!


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