White House MOCKED After Signaling NEW Priority As Americans SUFFER Under Biden’s Failures



To The Atlanta Braves: Don’t cave to the Liberals. Keep that Brave Name of your Team.

Politics have no business being in sports.


  1. How long will we put up with these Biden idiots? Are we going to wait until millions of Americans die of starvation while these fools wretch their hands over the name of a baseball team? It’s all meant to distract us from their dismal record.

  2. OMG.. did you see Biden’s latest??? He was calling out at some speech he gave for a woman who died last month.. and his Press Secretary tried to cover for him… and…. True to form her PINK eyeshadow, matched her Pink jacket.. Its her tell. When she is backed into a corner those lumps over her eyes start to flutter.. and they ALWAYS match what she is wearing… Isn’t that what we did in middle school…? Who dresses this sock puppet???

  3. If the democrats reversed their EO’s and reinstated trumps polices that woudl not be any suffering.

    The Fact is that the suffering is 100% created by the democrats.

  4. I think the Washington idiots and the Biden administration took note of the Jan 6 outrage and have been playing a misdirection game since. I’m hearing the outrage everywhere I go. I am guessing that given all the metrics for governmental evaluation and seeing negatives in every category, the people will take to the streets. And, why would people pay taxes to a government that does exactly the opposite of their will. This feels like were living with a MAFIA in charge. So, the question is “IS IT TOO LATE”

  5. Trying to be “just” I cannot come up with ONE (1) policy enacted by Biden, especially by EO, that was not only not positive, but extremely negative for the USA and the American people. Paying college debt – that is buying votes and makes the rest of us pay for them. The only thing I recall is the one trade deal Trump immediately took on to make it fair to we the people, and that Biden did say the Canada, Mexico, USA trade deal was good and he left it alone. Otherwise disaster . . . at every turn. I always wonder from those polls that show 36% of us approve of the job he has done . . . WHO ARE THOSE PEOPLE?????? And be specific WHAT do they APPROVE of – even three things??


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