What is Quantitative Easing and Why Should YOU Care?

Father Of Quantitative Easing Reveals the Most Concerning Signs...
Image from video below...

Valuetainment Short Clips – Patrick Bet-David Podcast Episode 161. In this short clip, Richard Werner discusses what economic signs are concerning.

Top Comments:

His whole argument is ridiculous. Having the fed create new money to bail out poor bank decisions isn’t inflationary because you’re not injecting money into consumers hands, just the banks. Right. Because those banks take that brand new money and just sit on it.

Size of the bank doesn’t matter, you’re still bailing out a failing business while adding new money, it is inherently inflationary.

This is why we are in our current situation! You have to made banks accountable for their actions, and let them die which will put a shock into the system but it will be short-lived. Now we still have the 2008 financial crisis problem and cannot deal with any new problems.

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