Teen Climate Activist MOCKED & HUMILIATED After Admitting Her Hypocrisy During Live Interview



She has nothing to be embarrassed about, she is just like every other famous climate activist

They fly private jets to forums to tell people to stop climate change. The HYPOCRISY.


  1. These punks are stupid. Now that poopypants senile communist Joe is putting the screw ball agenda in place and electric, natural gas, and propane bills are going up these sissy punks will be hold up in their crying rooms whining about the cold. Notice they’re too lazy to go chop wood and rely on a wood burning stove.

  2. There is an awakening coming for the Peter Pan, I don’t want to grow up generation. The world and reality will bite them in the ass, and when mommy and daddy die off they will be out there dangling in the wind, trying to find someone to blame. They are crippled by on line media, victimhood and stupidity. China is drooling over the prospect of how easy it will be for them to invade, take over and control these slugs.

  3. But, of course, Kerry MUST fly private BECAUSE HE IS IMPORTANT and
    doing IMPORTANT WORK!!! If the wealthy climate folks were really into it and fearful, they would automatically downsize their fuel eating mansions or at least be sure they have solar everything. Turns out the windmills are going to eventually be a disastrous – I believe the huge blades (it takes a semi to haul each one) are NOT recyclable? they kill the big birds in numbers not published, they are very noisy when the wind blows for any who are living near them – there’s probably more. And is there anything uglier that eats up huge chunks of the earth than Solar Panels in large enough numbers to serve a decent standard of living??

  4. And almost all the profit for the electric car battery scam, windmills and solar panels goes to our biggest enemy that Hunter get’s most of the family cash from. And now you know why Bribe’m and Kerry are pushing this scam, and the scam to help Iran. Just think if “The Kenyan, Skerry and Bribe’m” only got 10% of that last $150 Billion they gave to Tehran! No wonder they are pushing to do it again, even with all those “Death To America” signs. That piggyback in the “Bank of Iran” keep’s getting bigger!

  5. Camala Harris..“we heard you” demand that leaders “take action on the climate crisis like the crisis it is.”

    “President Biden on Friday cruised through Rome with an 85-vehicle motorcade — drawing criticism for the poor optics ahead of a global warming summit in Glasgow, Scotland, to which Biden is bringing about a dozen top US officials.”

    Then, for the Queen’s funeral, SLO JOE flies his carbon spewing limo on a military transport to England, takes Air Force One there while other dignitaries follow the Royal Family’s directives to fly commercial and take buses to the funeral.

  6. 1923. Chicago Tribune – “Scientist says Arctic ice will wipe out Canada.” (Professor Gregory of Yale University).

    1970 January, Life magazine: “Scientists have solid experimental and theoretical evidence to support…the following predictions: In a decade, urban dwellers will have to wear gas masks to survive air pollution…by 1985 air pollution will have reduced the amount of sunlight reaching earth by one half.”

    1974. NY Times: “…the facts of the present climate change are such that the most optimistic experts would assign near certainty to major crop failure…mass deaths by starvation, and probably anarchy and violence.”

    1975. International Wildlife magazine: “The threat of a new ice age must now stand alongside nuclear war as a likely source of wholesale death and misery for mankind.”

    “The evidence for global cooling consensus:-Most cited is a 1975 Newsweek article The Cooling World that suggested cooling “may portend a drastic decline for food production”: Meteorologists disagree about the cause and extent of the cooling trend… But they are almost unanimous in the view that the trend will reduce agricultural productivity for the rest of the century.”

    2006, January. Al Gore predicted that we had ten years left before the planet turned into a “total frying pan.”

    2008. ABC News predicted that NYC would be under water by June 2015.

    2008. Al Gore predicted that within five to seven years the entire north polar ice cap would be completely melted.

    May 13, 2014. France’s foreign minister said that we only have 500 days to stop “climate chaos.”

    2009. National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Goddard Space Flight Center head James Wassen warned that Obama only had four years left to save the earth.

    2018. A bartender from N.Y. City predicts that we will all be dead in 12 years.
    “During her campaign, Ocasio-Cortez had access to public transit – the famed No. 7 subway line was 138 feet from her Queens campaign headquarters, a one-minute walk. Yet AOC listed 1,049 transactions for Uber, Lyft, Juno and other car services, federal filings show. The campaign had 505 Uber expenses.”

    April, 2021 President Joe Biden flies 85 gas guzzling SUVs on a fleet of carbon spewing aircraft to the Climate Summit where he promptly caught up on his sleep.


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