NBC Reporter Tells Truth About War – Gets IMMEDIATELY FIRED!


During the first Gulf War journalist Jon Alpert evaded his government controllers and censors to smuggle evidence of civilian casualties out of Iraq to show the American public the truth about the war’s devastating consequences. His higher-ups at NBC News had different ideas, however, and fired him rather than show the shocking footage. And then CBS News fired a producer who tried to bring Alpert on. It’s an appalling story of self-censorship in favor of war propaganda in the US news media. Jimmy and Hard Lens Media’s Kit Cabello discuss the levers used by the corporate-military-government establishment to prevent the truth about war from escaping.


The problem is not propaganda, but that people will wholeheartedly believe it.

Anyone who still trusts legacy media at this point needs their head examined.


  1. I fought in the Vietnam War in 1967 and I can tell you first hand, a lot of people died because of actions. It is hard to live with that fact. In the current Ukraine War against the Russian invaders and occupiers, Ukraine relies mainly on smart artillery weapons like the HIMARS systems which give you almost 100% accuracy to vastly limit civilian casualties and since I watch everything that I can find on the war and have seen the videos of most of the damage. Now, the Russians, who have no morality routinely attack civilian targets as payback for Ukraine’s successes. Yes, at times they attack military targets but if The Ukrainian Army liberates any territory or cities, the Russians deliberately target civilian populations and one last week killed 25 civilians. War is hell and do not let anybody tell you it is bloodless. Russia does not care about human life and they prove it every day in Ukraine. The United States tries not to kill civilians but it was not that way in World War II as we bombed a number of German and Japanese cities. I hope that we are never put in that position again.

  2. Operation Cobra, Normandy in 1944 we bombed the enemy into almost submission. In the city of St. Lo thousands of civilians were killed, as this was the big railroad hub between Paris and Cherbourg. My 3 uncles landed at Omaha Beach, but when I first returned home, they were more interested in what St Lo looked like. I told them it was a brand-new city. Knowing what happened there, I’m surprised that the people will even speak to us. But it’s better to be free, than to be enslaved. Remember that in November! Corruption, killing our oil&gas industry will kill this country, and letting an invasion happen will one day cause food to disappear from your tables. When you see bodies stacked like cordwood, remember what I mentioned about St Lo.

  3. I don’t like the Russians and I don’t like the Ukrainian government either. The Ukraine war could have been avoided and now Biden is just before getting us into a nuclear war with Russia. The Russians didn’t appreciate Fauci’s Gain of Function Biolabs built on the Russian/Ukrainian border that Obama and Biden funded. The Ukrainian government is corrupt to the core, being among the top three nations on earth in child trafficking, pedophilia, laundering money for the elites like the Biden crime family and a playground for the pedophile elitists running our government. However, the reason that Russia invaded was that Ukraine government threaten to join NATO after agreeing to remain neutral in the Minsk 2 agreement of 2014. That was the deal breaker.


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