Joe Biden Has Gone Full Dictator On Us


Biden has, at least rhetorically, gone full dictator on us. Should we be scared of him or feel sorry for him?


Every real American stands with the true, legitimate president! DJT

This is the government our founding fathers warned us about


  1. The extremists on the Left AND the Right are destroying the USA. Neither leave any room for real dialog. The MAGA have a point as do the WOKE although the woke have a far more trite, juvenile, irrational point of view. Tunnel vision excludes the majority of Americans , no matter what side they choose to be on. Nothing is ever 100%. What is the new quip about “catching the car?” Both sides have done that.. The right with abortion and the left with loan forgiveness.. The dog caught the car and now its running over the dogs head… It backfired on both sides. Neither side got the reaction they expected…..Ask Kansas, and ask the middle class about paying for the elite’s education..

  2. I think the reason Trump was so successful and the reason that politicians loathed and feared him was that he was not one of them. If you stop and think a lot of our problems are that politicians do not take the long view and try to do what is best for the country and the people in the long run. They do whatever will keep them in power and vote for short term things that are visible NOW! A businessman is always looking down the road – in order to be successful they have to take the long view or they won’t last even in the short run. That was why I thought we really needed a break at the top from a politician and have a person who understood the economy, what makes it run how to actually negotiate for our benefit, etc. For folks who hated Trump – I wish they would instead of saying things like “he was destroying our country” would tell us what specific policies during his administration they felt were negative for our country. How all of this WOKE stuff, CRT stuff (which is teaching children to be racist?!!!???), teachers being involved in telling children they may not be the sex they were born!???? How did all of this get so entrenched while sane folks were standing nearby??!!!

  3. Does anyone seriously believe that Dopey Joe is smart enough to be a dictator? He looks like Mr Burns in the Simpsons who is way smarter.

  4. Poopypants senile Joe is a wannabe dictator. This worthless pile of shit idolizes people like Joe Stalin, Adolph Hitler, Benito Mussolini. I know, he denies it all the time. But think about this, the (wimpy) man’s best friend was the Grand Dragon of the KKK and the KKK does ally itself with the Neo Nazis. Then there’s the part that Hitler and Stalin constantly lied to their people, just like Joe does. Joe, notice he has the same first name as Stalin, admires the control these tyrants had over their people. Just like the ancient Roman Empire had control over millions of people, this is what Benito wanted to rebuild the old Roman Empire. Even though Joe is old, this is his last chance to be dictator and with the Marxist dummycrat party he’s living out his fantasy.

  5. Joe China has and will keep On being a DICKtator as long as the Republicans don’t do Something about NOW ! Republicans don’t have the *alls they use to have. And No
    Back Bone either ! Lol !


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