Crowd in SHOCK as Biden has SCREAMING ANEURISM at White House to Celebrate Destroying Economy


Demented Joe Biden Yells Like a Madman at White House


Calling the Biden administration a “clown show” is an insult to clowns. I’m thinking since the 2020 election it’s been like watching a bad Naked Gun movie.

A lot of people are thinking about not having the money to take care of their children right now. Thanks to you, Joe.


  1. Hunter Biden gives hope to millions of addicted Americans that one day, their dad can become President and they can reap the rewards of shaking down foreign governments for huge sums of cash.Time for the corrupt bidens to face the music,taking money while in office from governments for personal family gain is against the law, what have they promised to do for that money create a China first poicy???

  2. This lying,senile,frail,old, puppet, fool,is a sick, raving,unhinged,dam loonatic,who needs to be run out of office. He is a danger to all americans and our country.

    • And I can add the Trump kids to your posting in lieu of Hunter Biden. Look at they were caught stealing from the Trump charity and other charities. One benefit to Biden’s son is he s also doesn’t get a hard on going to Africa and killing beautiful animals like our elephants, tigers, rhinos and many others . And go back and watch the Republican convention he was so stoned it was almost impossible to understand his slurred speech

  3. The Democrats are wringing their hands, trying to figure out how to control the run-a-way train they created. This was the most pains taking show I have ever seen and it would be funny if it were not real. Have the Democrats had enough, I guess not, they are repeating their game of lets vote Joe back into office, with their amusing speeches they prepare for Joe, claiming he is curing our country with his stopping inflation, lowering gas prices and financing green energy, while we, the citizens of the U.S. are trying to put food on the table, a roof over our heads and keep our jobs. He is a real joke but not a funny joke.

  4. Biden and his cronies are an abomination to our country and the world in general. We are either a laughing stock for having an incoherent old fool running the country (which of course he isn’t) or the subject of how to take over this great country because those in power have completely failed the American taxpayer. The US and UN are funding the illegal onslaught and each of our freedoms are being eroded at the speed of light.

  5. This demented old grifter evidently thinks just because he is sock puppet in chief he can scream and yell at us like a third world tyrant addressing the peasants and we will fall in line or ignore the three alarm fire he has turned our economy and foreign policy into. Every time this demented old fool opens his mouth it should be an insult to the intelligence of anyone with at least one sparking brain cell.


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