Country Singer Trace Adkins REFUSES To Apologize To Liberals Who Want Trump Supporters To REPENT!



Every liberal needs to apologize for the summer of 2020. Every liberal needs to apologize for the ignorant tribal politics they push.

Someone needs to tell that lady it’s people like her that make us vote for Trump


  1. I don’t care for country music so had no idea of who Trace Adkins was. He is entirely correct about voting for the guy who gets the country on the right track to independence, prosperity, etc. The Marxist leftists have done their damndest evil machinations to destroy this country so that a world Oligarchy can be employed. As freedom loving, self sufficient Americans know what destruction of our (greatest) country know, we call the leftists out as full of Bull. They may want all of humanity to be under control of the mega-billionaires but WE will NOT submit. I will not go meekly to my demise for their evil benefit.

  2. Tell ’em, Trace!!! If anybody needs to repent ii is every stinking member of the DNC. They owe a huge apology to every American on this earth for what they are doing to us and for the damage they have done to America as a nation. Either they are complete idiots (they are) or they are too weak (they are) to admit they have screwed us all and they know they have in the name of their wretched power grab! The Jackass, used as their logo, is absolutely a correct depiction of the DNC!

  3. The DNC is criminal organization that most if not all should be in prison. They promote child sex trade. Jill Biden. Wants children to have access to porn type literature. Your children are not safe with the Democrats currently in office.

  4. I think that Trump’s mouth and disregard for a filter got him in trouble. Grabbingpussy and lock her or hang Mike Pence, up didn’t do him any good, but in that surface presentation, his political view and actions were lost. He should have told us more of his dealings with China and reigning in Mexico, the border, the economy. It would have garnered him respect and more support, instead of resentment and distaste for his juvenile name calling and taunting. . Not approving of his persona doesn’t dismiss the loyalty to the conservative ideas. You can be loyal to the party and not adore him. All need to realize this in order to oust Sleepy Joe and Word Salad Annie. Don’t split the only sane party left in this country

  5. I have extreme difficulty understanding how many, much less millions, of Americans do not comprehend that Trump was investigated to the tune of millions of our dollars based on Collusion (yes that dreaded word) between Hillary and Russia. When that didn’t find anything they initiated plan C, I presume, and Adam stepped up and started a farce of an impeachment try – on and on. The FBI was involved in framing Trump supporters – and now I understand agents have been told to cease investigations into Child abuse rings and concentrate on January 6 demonstrators!!!??? Every American with a brain should be terrified at what looks like the turning of the FBI into the police of a Police State!!!

  6. Maher and his 2 Leftist guests are ridiculous. They and the Democrat party are traitors to this country. They should apologize for the damage their philosophy has done over the last 40-50 years. Keep right on going, Mr. Adkins

  7. They say it takes all kinds but dang, never thought they would be this crazy. The Lefts better hope the rights never do to them what they do to the rights. Yes we can fix stupid … but it’s going to hurt.

  8. Why would anyone have to apologize for what they believe in. If they didn’t believe in what they said they wouldn’t have said that. And if someone DID apologize you got to know they don’t mean it (just trying to save their asses).


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