We Need This Man As Speaker Of The House In 2022



He’s an exception but the absolute deafening silence from the overwhelming majority of the Republican party is more than telling. Too busy trying to “work” with their colleagues on “the other side of the aisle”. Uniparty establishment was always the greatest threat to this country.

Jordan is doing the work. We need more like him in congress.


  1. Jim Jordan should definitely be the next speaker of the house. Our present minority leader McCarthy is too much like rhino Ryan and is too weak. Jordan is the strongest MAGA conservative in the House.

  2. The Biden law administration gave our weapons to the Taliban the enemy and they want to lecture us about gun control?

    Not going to happen

  3. Definitely not the house minority leader, who was picked by none other than RINO Paul Ryan. Yes James Jordan would be a great speaker, however wouldn’t it be great to have Trump as speaker, think about it most of us know who ever the next speaker is, is going to be president and if you don’t see it your blind.

  4. I agree,Jim Jordan should be next speaker of the house. He is a real republican, unlike rhino mccarthy, if he mccarthy is speaker,I will not vote. He reminds me of traitor,ryan,the dirtbag, that screwed over Trump every which way possible, for yrs.We don’t need any more rhinos in this party.

  5. JIm Jordan is as tough as nails. He will kick the DIMS butts as Speaker of the House. He will pin their ears back (no pun intended.)

  6. I love Jim Jordan! He never fails to spit it out just the way it is! Never never fails to call an ace an ace or a spade a spade. He believes in the constitution and he has the grit and guts to get the job done. Personally I am just a bit afraid of McCarthy, he is too smooth, Jordan would be such a needed reprieve from stupid, corrupt Nancy. The House has to come to their senses and Jim Jordan could get them there!


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